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Lonely Planet vs Fodor’s Travel Guides


While I try not to let guide books dictate my travel, I do like to check them out to get some tips on things I probably don’t want to miss. But each guidebook has a distinct style and flavour that may or may not match your travel personality. So I was happy to see a rundown at Lifehacker that compares Lonely Planet guidebooks with those written by Fodor. It’s a good read.

Quick Japan Travel Tip – Google Maps is Your Best Friend

Photo Credit: nicwn

Photo Credit: nicwn

I can’t believe how useful Google Maps was on our trip to Japan. It made navigating the cities, finding your way to the closest subway station and figuring out which trains and buses to take a complete breeze!

It’s not often when technology surpasses my expectations, but a cell phone with a data sim card and Google Maps was invaluable in making our trip so much better and stress free. Don’t travel Japan without it :D

Travel Tip – Don’t Freak Out at the Airport


Please sit back while I tell you a tale of how you should never be like me at the airport. It is a tale of woe and heartbreak, a tale of curses mumbled under the breath and of total meltdowns in arrival terminals. It is my constant companion whenever I arrive at the airport – my own personal freak out.

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Renting a Mobile Phone or Data Sim Card in Japan

A few months back I visited Australia and decided it would be a good idea to pick up a local mobile and data sim card to use in my phone while I was travelling. While transferring from Sydney to Melbourne I walked into the first cell phone store I found in the airport a picked up a sim card from my mobile. Total price was about $40 and it took maybe ten minutes.

I wish it was going to be that easy in Japan.

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Dos and Donts for Foreigners in Japan

Photo by: Christian Kaden

Photo by: Christian Kaden

Japan, also known as land of the rising sun, is an interesting country to take a vacation in. It is the ideal country to visit if you want to experience a totally different culture, customs and traditions. The way of life in Japan may seem strange to most of you at first. But in time you will get used to it and actually love it. Here are a few dos and don’ts that you should observe while out there.

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Hints on How to Get A Flight Upgrade

travel japan

Photo by garybembridge on Flickr

How many times have you boarded an aircraft and looked longingly at the plush first or business class cabin, before heading to your seat in the crowded economy section? The simple solution to getting one of the premium seats is to buy a premium priced ticket, but these can be many times more expensive than sitting in the economy cabin. Some lucky travellers know the inside tips and tricks which they use on a regular basis and get upgraded to the expensive seats, for free. Here’s how to do it…

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Recommended Clothing to Pack for a Trip to Japan


Photo by JD Hancock on Flickr

Although you might suppose that Japan is a relatively small island nation, the weather varies widely from place to place and season to season. So before you pack for any trip you should look at the climate particular to the regions you’ll visit during the time of year you’re planning to travel, as well as check the weather forecast in order to make sure that the majority of your clothing will be appropriate for the temperatures and other weather concerns.

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Top 5 Tips for Traveling to Japan on a Budget

Japan budget travel

Photo by noahvoelker on Flickr

Saving money when you travel is always desirable, but when you’re shelling out for an international airline ticket that will take you halfway around the world, you probably want to save as much as possible in other areas. You might think that going to Japan is going to be a very pricy trip, and the truth is that you can certainly find plenty of ways to blow your dough when you visit this island nation if you’re not careful. But with a little planning you can have an amazing trip with tons of amenities and still stick to a budget. So here are just a few ways to cut back on expenses when you visit Japan.

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Customs and Etiquette You Should Know Before Travel to Japan

Japanese crowd

Photo by tokyoform on Flickr

A hundred years ago, travel to Asia was a prospect fraught with peril. Not only was it a trip that required weeks of transport via train, boat, or both, but once you got there you would have to deal with a language barrier and a totally different culture.

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Backpackers Guide to Osaka

Photo by eng1337 on Flickr

Osaka is one Japanese city that fulfils all travellers’ expectations, and not only because it’s a large metropolis that has everything one can expect, but also because much of its offerings can be had on the cheap. Experienced backpackers will already know which Osaka hostels to track down and how, but this short article should serve as a guide for any and all travellers looking to make the experience affordable.

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