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Recent Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake Tsunami

Photo Credits: BBC

Just a little over an hour ago, Japan was hit with an 9.0 earthquake (worst in 300 years) . And although little damage was done here in Osaka, it was still quite an experience.

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A Stroll Through Hama Rikyu Garden

Hamarikyu Garden
Hama Rikyu Garden is found near the mouth of the Sumida River, and although it’s surrounded by the chaos that is Tokyo, it still remains one of Japan’s most famous gardens.

The garden was originally property of the Tokugawa Shogun and served as his personal hunting grounds. Today the park hosts many beautiful features including a tidal pool, moon-viewing pavilions, as well as several teahouses.

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Tokyo Trendspotting

Tokyo Trends
No matter where you live, the economic downturn has effected tourism. Here in Canada I’ve been seeing a lot more advertising encouraging Canadians to stay at home this summer and tour Canada. Japan, however, is taking a different route.

Trend tourism is one of the newer ideas that has taken hold of Tokyo. The premise is to encourage business and individuals to check out what’s new on the technology horizon, from cell phones to toilets.

BBC just posted a 10 minute spot on how Tokyo is using its art and technology to attract the next generation of tourists.

What’s coming down the pipes for cell phone and RFID technology is both remarkable and somewhat scary.

Giant Robot Statues Attack Japan!

Japan Tokyo Giant Gundam Statue
A guy just doesn’t get to write enough headlines like that.

By now you’ve probably heard about the giant 18 meter high Gundam statue that has taken over Tokyo recently. Not to be outdone, Kobe has started work on their own giant robot.

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Places to Stay in Tokyo – Meguro Gajoen Ryokan

Meguro Gajoen
Akihabara News just posted a great video on one of the oldest Ryokans (Japanese style hotel) in Tokyo, the Meguo Gajoen.

Tokyo Gajoen is your ordinary modern luxury Hotel, it is still possible however to visit the Historic part of this hotel, with a dedicated tour guide where you will learned how guest in the Past were treated in a gorgeous traditional wooden Ryokan.

For more information, be sure to check out the Meguro Gajoen web site or the reviews over at Trip Advisor.