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Godzilla Becomes Japanese Citizen

Godzilla, Mototsugu Katagiri

After all the hard work he did helping/destroying Japan, it looks like Godzilla has finally become a Japanese Citizen. According to the NYT:

Godzilla has stomped so many buildings in Japan that the irradiated monster was appointed special resident of and tourism ambassador for Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward.

Good on ya mate!

The Four Top Tokyo Day Trips

Photo Credit: Hendrik Schicke

Photo Credit: Hendrik Schicke

Just came across this article on the Forbes website on the top four day trips from Tokyo. It has a nice mix of suggestions for foodies, outdoor types, and history fans.

When you visit Tokyo, give yourself time for a day trip to explore the other facets of Japan—after all, the island is made up of 47 prefectures, each with its own slew of offerings.

Check it our here.

Gamer’s Guide to Akihabara


Saw this Gamer Buyer’s Guide to Akihabara that I thought was well done. Akihabara can be a pretty confusing place, so hopefully this can help you navigate some of the madness. At least if you’re a gamer :)

Your Own Personal Japanese Guide

Photo Credit: bass_nroll

Photo Credit: bass_nroll

For those visiting Tokyo and would like to experience the sights but are worried about not knowing Japanese, Travelers and Local Japan have recently launched a service to pair up visitors with a local Japanese volunteer to help you navigate the wonders of Japan.

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Tokyo’s Design Festa Gallery


If you’re not too busy taking in all that’s wild and wonderful in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, you’ll certainly want to stop in at one of Japan’s most interesting art galleries – The Design Festa Gallery.

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Top Ryokan in Tokyo

Photo by theCarol.

Photo by theCarol.

Ever since it was brought to my attention that the Tokyo ryokan that I recommended in my article Top 5 Ryokan in Japan was actually no longer open (oops!) I’ve planned to do an update. But since Tokyo is so big and such a tourist destination I thought it deserved its very own post. So here we go…some of the best choices for Ryokan in Tokyo!

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What Is Public Transportation Like in Tokyo?

Tokyo Subway Crowd

Photo by dat’ on Flickr

You’ve no doubt heard horror stories about masses of bodies being herded onto trains like cattle, often with the aid of oshiya (pushers), who stand on the platform and help to cram as many people as possible into already crowded cars. Or perhaps you’ve taken note of news stories detailing the advent of all-female cars on some trains thanks to rampant groping of female commuters (made possible by trains so densely packed that women can’t even turn around to see who might be molesting them). But let’s be clear: such incidents have been hyped by a media stuck in a 24-hour news cycle with little actual news to report. And while trains happen to be the main form of transportation used in Tokyo, any adverse conditions can be easily avoided by skipping peak travel times or simply using other forms of mass transit. So if you happen to be planning a trip to Tokyo and you’re wondering about the best ways to get around, here’s the 411 on public transportation.

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Tokyo Art Events in June 2012

Photo from LIXIL

Tokyo is the arts destination for anyone traveling throughout the country of Japan. Although there are events taking place throughout the year, you can find some of the best displays, showcases and exhibitions during the summer months, with June possibly proving the most promising. With many exciting events highlight the month of June, there is something for very one, so whether you enjoy art or are just looking for something to do, you need to check out the upcoming local events.

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Budget Backpackers Guide to Tokyo

Backpack with Canadian flag on it

If 30 million people can live in Tokyo, then a budget traveler should expect to find accommodation, entertainment and food suitable to their pocketbook. Don’t think twice about going if the city’s reputation as one of the more expensive global centers in the world is turning you off, because there are not only cheap options, but free ones as well.

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Five Reasons Why Living in Japan is Better Than Where You Live

Japan travel

[Editor – We’re super excited to have our first guest article. This one is from Nathan, a designer from Tokyo. Thanks again Nathan!]

Japan’s a pretty cool place.

If you’re reading this, you probably share this sentiment.

Japan is such a cool place that I decided to live here! After four years soaking it all in, I’m prepared to offer you five reasons why (I think) Japan is a better place to live than where you currently reside. No offense to you or where you are but there are just some things about this country that feel like magic.

Enough with the jibber-jabber. Here we go!

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