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Renting a Mobile Phone or Data Sim Card in Japan

A few months back I visited Australia and decided it would be a good idea to pick up a local mobile and data sim card to use in my phone while I was travelling. While transferring from Sydney to Melbourne I walked into the first cell phone store I found in the airport a picked up a sim card from my mobile. Total price was about $40 and it took maybe ten minutes.

I wish it was going to be that easy in Japan.

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The Tech Behind Conveyor Belt Sushi

Some pretty amazing tech goes into conveyor belt sushi. And here I though they were just counting your different color plates at the end of the meal :P

The Best Apps To Get Around In Japan

Photo Credit: JD Hancock

Photo Credit: JD Hancock

Many travelers want to know more about the different mobile for improving their trip to Japan. This is one of the most high-tech countries in the world, so it’s no surprise that you can get quite a bit of support. If you’re in this boat, then look no further – the following apps will enhance your experience and make getting around that much easier. A quality app is a surprisingly beneficial addition to any trip, so take a look at what you can find!

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High Tech Japanese Vending Machines

I was recently reading in a back issue of Hiragana Times about some high tech vending machines that have started showing up around Tokyo.

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Tokyo Trendspotting

Tokyo Trends
No matter where you live, the economic downturn has effected tourism. Here in Canada I’ve been seeing a lot more advertising encouraging Canadians to stay at home this summer and tour Canada. Japan, however, is taking a different route.

Trend tourism is one of the newer ideas that has taken hold of Tokyo. The premise is to encourage business and individuals to check out what’s new on the technology horizon, from cell phones to toilets.

BBC just posted a 10 minute spot on how Tokyo is using its art and technology to attract the next generation of tourists.

What’s coming down the pipes for cell phone and RFID technology is both remarkable and somewhat scary.