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The Best Ways to Get Around in Osaka


Photo by kenmainr on Flickr

Any time you visit a foreign country you are bound to face the “stranger in a strange land” learning curve. This is especially true if you don’t speak a lick of the language, leaving you hoping that you can find someone who speaks your language, or else relying on your bumbling attempts to form recognizable sentences from a book of common words and phrases.

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What Is Public Transportation Like in Tokyo?

Tokyo Subway Crowd

Photo by dat’ on Flickr

You’ve no doubt heard horror stories about masses of bodies being herded onto trains like cattle, often with the aid of oshiya (pushers), who stand on the platform and help to cram as many people as possible into already crowded cars. Or perhaps you’ve taken note of news stories detailing the advent of all-female cars on some trains thanks to rampant groping of female commuters (made possible by trains so densely packed that women can’t even turn around to see who might be molesting them). But let’s be clear: such incidents have been hyped by a media stuck in a 24-hour news cycle with little actual news to report. And while trains happen to be the main form of transportation used in Tokyo, any adverse conditions can be easily avoided by skipping peak travel times or simply using other forms of mass transit. So if you happen to be planning a trip to Tokyo and you’re wondering about the best ways to get around, here’s the 411 on public transportation.

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