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My Re-ment Collection- Part 4


It’s time for….what Re-ment does Stacey have? What a great time!

So this is the 4th set in my Re-ment collection.

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My Re-ment Collection- Part 3


Well, it has been quite awhile since I have put up a post, but finally I have got around to it. We had a bunch of travel and construction going on, and only now are things starting to get back to normal. And as they did, I started thinking it was really time for me to put my Re-ment back up. (I had put it away for the construction.)And I was thinking how nice to share it with others who enjoy cute things from Japan =)

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Cute Stuff from Japan: My Re-Ment Part 2

Re-ment Japan

It has been awhile since I wrote of my beloved Re-ment. Please don’t think my lack of posts on it suggests a lack of love!

I still adore it!

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Cute Things from Japan – Re-Ment

Cute things from Japan - Re-ment

You know how there are some things that are so cool and you like to pretend that you are the only one who knows about them – like that indie band or that adorable shop. And so you don’t tell others about it because if everyone knows about it, it won’t be as cool. That’s kind of the way I feel about Re-ment.

I LOVE it! And I like to pretend that I am the only one that knows about it. But I am going to be mature and realize that I can like things even if other people like them too.

(I think) Also, a lot more people have discovered it anyway.

And so I present re-ment – the cutest things ever.

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