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Renting a Fully-Furnished Apartment in Osaka

Fully-furnished apartment rental in Osaka Japan

Photo Credits: by Jim O'Connell on Flickr

As Stacey would like to say, I spent 200 hours and 2 years researching fully-furnished apartment rental options in Japan. While that may be a bit of an overkill, we did find a great little place in a wonderful location in the Osaka Bay area.

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Recent Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake Tsunami

Photo Credits: BBC

Just a little over an hour ago, Japan was hit with an 9.0 earthquake (worst in 300 years) . And although little damage was done here in Osaka, it was still quite an experience.

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Japan Interviews: Travel Advice & What to See in Osaka/Kyoto

Osaka at night

Photo Credit: Christopher Chan on Flickr

Every once and a while we’re going to be bringing you some short interviews with people who either live in or who have traveled to Japan. You’ll learn through their experiences some great travel tips or things to do and see while in Japan.

Today we’re going to ask a few questions from our one-time Japanese teacher Asami who now lives in Osaka.

Let’s get to it!

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Finding Long Term Accommodations in Osaka & Kyoto

Finding Accommodations to rent in Japan

Looking for short term accommodations in Japan is relatively easy with a wide variety of choices – from Japanese style inns (ryokans) to ultra modern business hotels – making booking short term stays a snap. But what if you are staying in Japan for longer, say a few months? Now things start to get a whole lot more difficult.

After doing some heavy research for a longer stay in Japan, here’s what I’ve found about booking accommodations for the Osaka and Kyoto area.

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