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Japan Crafting Catalogue: Couturier

Japanese craft magazine

As you perhaps are very well familiar with, I adore Japanese craft. So when my friend, Asami sent me a Couturier Catalogue, I was thrilled to bits.

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Cute Stuff from Japan: My Re-Ment Part 2

Re-ment Japan

It has been awhile since I wrote of my beloved Re-ment. Please don’t think my lack of posts on it suggests a lack of love!

I still adore it!

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Cute Stuff: My First Bento Part 3

Japanese Bento lunch

A few weeks ago, I made my first bento with my friend Yuka. It was a great success. Here I will review a few of the items I purchased in Japan for a bento lunch.

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Cute Stuff From Japan: My First Bento Part 2

Photo by Sakurako Kitsa on Flickr

A visiting friend from Japan recently helped me make my first bento. (see part 1 here). Here is the rest of what we put in the bento.

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Cute Stuff From Japan: My First Bento Part 1

Photo by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR on Flickr

We have had a Japanese friend visiting for a week. And what better time to make bento! I put her right to work =) This was my first time making bento ever, so I was pleased to have a guide. We based our bento on ideas from this book, which I reviewed earlier.

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Cute Things From Japan: Sewing Book Review

Photo by EssG on Flcikr

So I guess you get the idea that my favourite souvenirs are books…lots of books. I like that I can remember where I bought them, and they aren’t just a knickknack, but rather actual useful information. And hopefully, the information in that book showcases Japan in some way.

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Cute Things From Japan: Wool Felting

Japanese Wool Felting

Book review: フェルト羊毛でつくる かわいいプチ雑貨

Or as Google translates it to English: Easy first shotgun! Cute petite wool felt to make goods. (Thank goodness my first shotgun will be an easy one.)

So another book review or as I like to call it, “a great excuse for me to talk about the stuff I bought and get all excited about it.”

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Cute Things from Japan: Bento

Cute Bento From Japan

Photo by Wendy Copley on Flickr

So I think for my first few articles, I will write about the few things I purchased in Japan and brought back. Seeing as they are all I can thing about right now, I might as well talk about them on the site and spare my husband a bit of various obsessions.

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Popin Cookin box

Photo Credits: by pelcinary on Flickr

So what could be even better than konapun? That’s right, making mini foods and then being able to eat them. That’s what Popin’ Cookin’ is.

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Mr. Penguin Goes to Market

I wanted to take a break and post something a little more light-hearted. So please enjoy Mr. Penguin and his day out.