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Kawaii Poses Through the Ages

Fun little video showcasing some of the cute Japanese poses over the years. Seems like I have to update my double peace sign style.

My Re-ment Collection- Part 4


It’s time for….what Re-ment does Stacey have? What a great time!

So this is the 4th set in my Re-ment collection.

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Japan’s Cat Travellers


Join Nyalan and his little buddy Deshi as they travel across Japan in their super cute Twitter feed.

These cats are the “image characters” for Jalan, a travel site in Japan. Thanks to Kotaku for the link.

Cat Cafés in Japan

For many people about the world, the dog is man’s best friend. However, in Japan, things are pretty different. The crowded streets of cities like Tokyo and Osaka mean that keeping any pet can be very difficult, let alone exercising an animal like a dog. Furthermore, apartments and rented accommodations forbid the keeping of pets in many of Japan’s cities: this is where cat cafés come in, people just hire a cat for an hour or two.

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Monkey Loves Magic

This is too cute not to share :D

Kawaii Fabric

Photo Credit: LilyWhitesParty

Photo Credit: LilyWhitesParty

I have always liked the cute, the kawaii design of Japan. I love it all from the cute, little softie designs to the adorable bento boxes. So it only makes sense that I would love the fabrics that are full of all the lovely things I have always enjoyed about the kawaii side. So here are a few examples of the prints that are coming out from Japan that I totally love.

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Cat Dress Up in Japan

This video is so full of win.

The Kitty Phenomenon

Hello Kitty

Photo by partymonstrrrr on Flickr

From Theme Parks to Hotels to Airlines and Beauty Spa, the Kitty Phenomenon That Has Taken Japan and the World by Storm!

Are you fan of that furry white feline wearing a perky red bow on her ear? If you are, then you know who I’m talking about. I love cats so it’s no surprise that I love Japan’s favorite mascot cat, Hello Kitty. Japan for me has always been one of my dream destinations not just because of the cherry blossoms but also because of Hello Kitty Land.

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My Re-ment Collection- Part 3


Well, it has been quite awhile since I have put up a post, but finally I have got around to it. We had a bunch of travel and construction going on, and only now are things starting to get back to normal. And as they did, I started thinking it was really time for me to put my Re-ment back up. (I had put it away for the construction.)And I was thinking how nice to share it with others who enjoy cute things from Japan =)

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Review: Marceline Smith’s Kawaii Japan

Kawaii Japan Shopping Guide
A while ago, Marceline from askingfortrouble.org kindly sent us a couple of her guides she has developed from her visits to Japan. In finally getting around to reviewing it, I discovered it had already been replaced by a new guide. Marceline kindly sent me her newer one for me to review. And while she has sent me a couple to review, you know I have to start with “Kawaii Japan.” (Thanks for the updates Marceline and sorry it has taken me so long to review.)

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