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Tokyo Roar

The juxtaposition of old and new in Japan.

Japan Law to Force Workers to go on Holiday

Photo Credit: Bertrand Tran.

Photo Credit: Bertrand Tran.

Yeah I know that’s pretty wild and crazy, but according to The Telegraph, the Japanese Government has recently introduced a law to make sure workers are taking their vacation time.

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Himeji Castle Construction

Himeji Castle has long been a part of my dream Japan vacation. But I’ve never been able to visit it yet because I’ve either arrived too late or it was under construction. The good news is everything should be complete in 2015. The bad news is, I guess the Japanese are pretty shocked by how white the roof is now. They call it the White Heron castle people! :D

One Japan – Video


Reader Jessica just sent me over this awesome video her boyfriend Davy put together on their recent trip to Japan. It takes a look at the people and places they visited on their journey through Osaka, Nagano, and Kyoto. Check it out :D

Japan 2013 – A Year In Review


Just ran across this great rundown by Neojaponisme on what was happening in Japan for 2013. Some notable items include the fall of AKB48 and the rise of rather disturbing selfie pics (pictured above)…

We finally have a new contender: “kappa mouth,” which takes its name from the flatulent, frog-skinned, bird-beaked yokai with a penchant for sticking slimy fingers into swimmers’ colons. It involves rolling in the lips and pushing down to create a shallow V. Pundits are suspiciously silent as to whether the naming refers to the yokai’s beak, or rather the expression one assumes after having a slimy finger stuck into their backside.


Country Names in Japanese


Ever wonder why Germany is called Doitsu in Japanese? Or why England gets its own kanji (英国) and Canada doesn’t? Lingualift put together a nice little run down of country names in Japanese. One thing I noticed in the above map is that Canada and Alaska are switched around. But considering how cold it is here today, that that fits very nicely. And for those with extra sharp eyes you’ll see that Italy now has a matching set of boots :)

Living in Japan

While browsing on my TV looking for interesting YouTube videos to watch, I stumbled on A Life In Japan. It’s an interview style video of just over an hour long, and it highlights a lot of different perspectives on what it’s like to live in Japan. Some of the interviewees are very perceptive while others are a bit cringe worthy :) It’s well worth a watch and Stacey really likes the song at the end (watch for some stylin air drumming).

Understanding Geisha Culture

Japan Geisha

Photo by filmmaker in japan on Flickr

The Geisha: one of Japan’s most famous, but also misunderstood cultural icons. A common misconception is that these illusive women are some kind of high-class call girl, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In short, their role is simply to entertain clients, male and female, with conversation, dance, music and drink pouring.

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A Stroll Through Japan in 8 Minutes

Another great link from Kirai. These two videos take a leisurely stroll through various locations in Japan during different times of day. It’s a really cool idea and it’s nice to see some of the different areas of Japan. I just don’t think I could ever walk that slowly :)

Resources for Finding a Tour Guide in Japan

Japanese tour guides

Photo by RageZ on Flickr

It can definitely be exciting to take an international trip. That’s because there’s nothing like experiencing a different culture—the people, the customs and the food. However, you can end up missing out on some of the best that a particular country or city has to offer if you decide to tour the city on your own. Just think about where you live. Aren’t there quaint little restaurants or boutiques that you’ve discovered only by living in that place for a certain amount of time?

If you’re in the midst of planning a trip overseas and Japan is the destination where you’re headed, as you’re writing down your list of “must haves”, make sure to put “tour guide” at the very top of it. They are professionals who will be able to effortlessly show you the best that Japan has to offer, which will make your trip just that much more memorable.

So, how do you go about finding the right kind of tour guide? We have enclosed five resources below:

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