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Photographing Sakura in Kema Sakuranomiya Koen

Sakura Osaka

As promised, we’re back with part 2 of our Osaka sakura tour. This time we walk through the Kema Sakuranomiya Park.

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A Stroll Through Ritsurin Koen

Ritsurin Park - Japan

Continuing our look at the top 5 Japanese gardens, this week we’ll take a stroll through the city of Takamatsu main attraction – The Ritsurin Koen

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A Stroll Through Kenrokuen Garden

As part of our ongoing series of the best gardens in Japan, today were going to take a stroll through Kanazawa’s premier treasure – Kenrokuen Garden.

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A Stroll Through Ryoanji


The Ryoanji rock garden made our list of the top five gardens in Japan. With it’s moss-covered boulders mixed with carefully raked pebbles it’s one of Japans best examples of immaculately maintained rock gardens.

Let’s take a took at what makes Ryoanji so unique.

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Top 5 Japanese Gardens

Japanese garden

The Japanese take their gardening and landscaping very seriously. You may be surprised at first when you discover that what you thought was a bird up in a tree is really a coverall clad Japanese gardener working on shaping and lovingly pruning the tree.

There are so many beautiful gardens to see in Japan that it’s hard to trim it down to the must-see. But we’ve tried our best. So here we go with our top five gardens in Japan.

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