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Japanese Fashion: Forest Girl

Photo by item.taobao.com

Photo by item.taobao.com

Sometime ago I wrote an article showing some items in the gothloli style. There are some adorable things that go into that particular look. Here is another corner of Japanese fashion. It is called Forest Girl – Mori Girl. 森ガール

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Japan Craft: Hat Making Book Review

Japan Craft Book - Hats

Once again, Japan fills a niche that I found lacking back home. I love hats….pretty much any style, or colour of hat. However, in Canada I have always felt like making a hat, is way beyond the skills of the average person. And only professionals could be capable of making hats. In Japan though, I found a book that made me believe that I too could make a hat.

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Japan Fashion – The Color Purple

Japanese purple kimono

In Japan, the color purple often signifies wealth and position and was restricted for the use of those of high rank.

While purple was often worn in the winter months as a kimono color, it seems that it’s catching on a spring color in Japan. Check out this recent post by Japan Streets on how murasaki (purple) is taking spring fashion by storm.

I wonder if this traditional color system unconsciously influences the color choices of young people who are often not aware of these old Japanese customs, but are still exposed to them in their daily life.

Cute Japanese Style

Gothloli Japanese Style

We love Japan for many reasons, but cute is a big one. They even dress cute. And there are many ways to dress cute. Everyone knows about gothloli – mixing French baroque with little girl knee highs, lots of pink and bows.

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