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Bookoff Craft Section

Bookoff sign

One thing I didn’t mention in my article earlier were the sections I perused in the book store. So if you are interesting in crafts you may want to look for the sections that say:

手芸 (,手=hand、芸=skill)
Pronunciation: syugei しゅげい
kurafuto クラフト

Just a little note that may make the bookstores a little easier to get around.

Places to Shop in Japan: BookOff

Book Off Japan

I like books. A lot. You might have noticed that =) And as I have mentioned over and over, I like books as mementoes and souvenirs. And I specifically like craft books or magazines. Trav had heard about a second hand book store in Japan, so we decided to check it out.

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Japan Craft: Hat Making Book Review

Japan Craft Book - Hats

Once again, Japan fills a niche that I found lacking back home. I love hats….pretty much any style, or colour of hat. However, in Canada I have always felt like making a hat, is way beyond the skills of the average person. And only professionals could be capable of making hats. In Japan though, I found a book that made me believe that I too could make a hat.

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Book Review: NHK Marutoku Magazine

NHK Marutoku Magazine

NHKまる得マガジン, 自分を磨く立ち居振る舞い スマートなマナー
(translation by Google: NHK Marutoku Magazine – Hone their deportment and manners Smart)

I love NHK. It is Japan’s public broadcasting network. Of course, I do like most countries public broadcasting networks, but I digress. The NHK has published a book on manners and deportment.

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Frommer’s Japan Guide – Book Review

Frommer's Japan Guide

Photo by: Stuck in Customs on Flickr

I’ve always been a fan of guide books. Before a trip I tend to devour a guide book cover-to-cover multiple times. I figure if I don’t, I’ll miss some super important site or event and my trip will be a complete waste.

Of course, basing your entire trip on guide book recommendations is not a great way to travel, either. So today we’re going to look at Frommer’s guide book to Japan to see what it has to offer the Japan traveler.

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Looking For The Lost – Book Review

Looking for the Lost cover

I don’t know what it is about Alan Booth that makes me enjoy his writing so much. After reading his book The Roads to Sata, a story of walking the distance of Japan, I knew I had to read his other novel Looking for the Lost: Journeys Through a Vanishing Japan.

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Japan: A Working Holiday Guide – Book Review

Japan: A Working Holiday Guide

Lately I’ve been interested in people who teach English in Japan. Since the early 90’s, teaching English was one of the sure-fire to get work in Japan. In many cases you didn’t even need to have any previous teaching experience, you just had to look like you knew what you were doing.

While things have changed somewhat in the last few years – with several big name English schools going out of business – teaching English is still a big draw for anyone who wants to make their living in Japan. So I thought I do a little research on the experiences of people finding work as teachers or other professions in Japan.

Here’s my review of the book Japan: A Working Holiday Guide.

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Point-And-Speak Japanese Phrasebook

Japanese Point-and-speak book cover

During our recent road trip we were able to meet with a wonderful Japanese girl from Shizuoka (near Tokyo). I even had a chance to try out my limited Japanese words. She said I came across very polite, so I guess that’s good :)

While we we’re visiting she brought out a Japanese point-and-speak phrasebook and gave it to us a gift. The book is a great reference and it covers a lot of situations a first time traveler may run into.

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Samurai William: The Adventurer Who Unlocked Japan – Book Review

Samurai William book cover

Ever since I read the James Clavell novel Shogun and subsequently watched the TV mini-series, I’ve had a strong interest in the real man these works were based on. And while fiction takes a lot of license with the true-life story, there are plenty of interesting similarities between William Adams and the man known as Anjin-san in Clavell’s book.

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Japanese Demystified: Book Review

Japanese Demystified

I recently picked up a copy of Japanese Demystified from my local library. I had been holding off from ordering the book because the cover looked like it was going to be dummy’s guide to the Japanese language.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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