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Learn English with Darth Vader


Here’s an interesting English/Japanese learning dictionary – The Star Wars Personal English/Japanese Dictionary. Now you can learn such helpful English phrases as “What is thy bidding, my master?” and “These are not the droids you are looking for”. Stay crazy Japan! :D

Facetime While Eating Ramen

Ramen bowl

Just saw this story on Japan Pulse. It’s a conceptualized product for Japan that lets you dock your iPhone in your ramen bowl.

The bowl was created after one of its designers, Minnie Jan, witnessed a man eating with one hand while browsing through his phone with the other, she told the New York Daily News. “We did it for fun — it’s kind of sarcastic,” the paper quoted her as saying. But we think there might be a market for it in Japan.

I don’t know about you, but with the way I eat raman, I don’t think anyone wants to see that up close :)

Brain Controlled Tails

Ahh Japan. May you never cease to amaze me. While it’s only a concept I fully expect to see these “brain controlled” wearable cat tails available at some time.

The Toilet Bike Neo

Japan toilet bike

Thanks to Shandra for sending me this wacky link to TOTO’s newest invention – The Toilet Bike Neo. They say it runs on bio-fuel and waste products. I hope you don’t fill it up the way I think you fill it up :P

For more photos check out the article.

Bizarre Japan – The $100 Melon

Japanese melons

Photo by wallyg on Flickr

Japan has long had a strange fixation for the ultra-expensive melon. It’s nothing for a Japanese person to plop down over a $100 for the perfect melon. Often given away as gifts, the price of these fruit often make foreigners scratch their heads in wonder. What makes these melons so expensive?

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Fake Rhino Escapes from Tokyo Zoo

My brother just sent me this link to the BBC story of how a Tokyo Zoo trains with a fake rhino to prepare for future jailbreaks. It’s just too awesome not to share.

And as my brother said “I feel sorry for the guy who got knocked down. He was probably docked a days wage.”

Bizarre Japan – Bagleheads

Japan baglehead trend photo

I just got sent a link from Weird Asia News on the “baglehead” body modification trend in Japan. I must say, it’s pretty unattractive.

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Bizarre Japan – Teeth Tattoos

Japanese teeth tatoo

Sometimes things come out of Japan that make you sit back and say “What were you thinking?” And since we already have Stacey handling everything that’s cute in Japan, why shouldn’t I look after everything that’s bizarre?

Today we’re going to talk about teeth tattoos (!)

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More Funny Japanese Commercials

It’s been awhile since I did a funny Japanese commercial rundown. So here we go!

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Wild and Wacky Japanese Horse Racing Game

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