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Manhole cover collectors’ cards


If you’ve ever been interested in the variety of artful manhole covers in Japan, we’ve got some good news! Apparently they will be launching a set of collectable cards at the “manhole” summit in Tokyo.

The covers attract a special kind of tourist – “drainspotters” – who visit from around the world to see their distinctive designs. The covers often feature a symbol specific to an area or town, or a local mascot – BBC

Hmm I wonder how I can convince my wife to attend…Look honey there’s a major manhole summit happening in Tokyo…Wait! They’re going to be giving cards away for free if you visit their sewage plant!…(walks away)

This Makes A lot of Sense


More animated Japanese art can be found here.

Tokyo’s Design Festa Gallery


If you’re not too busy taking in all that’s wild and wonderful in Tokyo’s Harajuku district, you’ll certainly want to stop in at one of Japan’s most interesting art galleries – The Design Festa Gallery.

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Japanese Artist : YUMIKO HIGUCHI


I discovered a lovely artist that I thought I would write about. I can’t remember how I found her but her work is marvellous. She is an embroidery artist.

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Create Japanese Style Artwork

Photo by Lynn on Flickr

During my job at Envato, I come across plenty of cool creative tutorials. Over the years there have been plenty of Japanese inspired artwork tutorials that I’ve come across. I’d like to share them you in case you feel like making some art of your own :)

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