Lonely Planet vs Fodor’s Travel Guides


While I try not to let guide books dictate my travel, I do like to check them out to get some tips on things I probably don’t want to miss. But each guidebook has a distinct style and flavour that may or may not match your travel personality. So I was happy to see a rundown at Lifehacker that compares Lonely Planet guidebooks with those written by Fodor. It’s a good read.

Japan’s Crazy Burger is Back


It looks like the Japanbese fastfood chain Lotteria is bringing back their “with everything” burger. I’m not sure if the restaurant name refers to the gamble you’re taking with your life if you try and eat this burger.

As with every advertising photo, the above picture of the burger is a far cry from what you’ll actually get. If you’re not faint of heart, here is what the burger actually looks like when you order it…
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Stuffed Animal Hospital


Mark this one up as too cute not to share. Check out Kotaku for all the details on this Japanese hospital for your stuffed animals. Treatments include shampoos and massages as well as major stuffing replacement surgery :D

Manhole cover collectors’ cards


If you’ve ever been interested in the variety of artful manhole covers in Japan, we’ve got some good news! Apparently they will be launching a set of collectable cards at the “manhole” summit in Tokyo.

The covers attract a special kind of tourist – “drainspotters” – who visit from around the world to see their distinctive designs. The covers often feature a symbol specific to an area or town, or a local mascot – BBC

Hmm I wonder how I can convince my wife to attend…Look honey there’s a major manhole summit happening in Tokyo…Wait! They’re going to be giving cards away for free if you visit their sewage plant!…(walks away)

Back from Melbourne


I recently got back from a trip out to Melbourne, Australia to visit the office. It was a wonderful time to take a trip during the cold of a Canadian winter :D

Melbourne has many Japanese people and some great Japanese restaurants. Here’s some photos of some places I visited.

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Japanese Idiom: To Vomit Mud

Photo Credit: Daniel Conway via

Photo Credit: Daniel Conway

While talking to a friend, she mentioned that the Japanese will sometimes day they “slept like mud” after a particularity hard sleep. That got me thinking about other “mud” idioms that the Japanese have. I don’t know if you’ll be happy that I found this one :P
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Make Everything Smell Like Cat Head

Photo from Kotaku

Photo from Kotaku

Of course the Japanese invented a spray that makes everything smell like cat head.

The head of Yamamoto Perfumery, Mr. Yamamoto himself, spent four months of series research, going from cat cafe to cat cafe sniffing different feline’s heads. – Kotaku

Even the cat is like “What the?!”

Men Macho Restaurant – Time to get Machooooo!


Just saw this over on Kotaku as one of the most ridiculous ramen restaurants in Japan. If you’re hungry for ramen and feel like it’s time to get macho…
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Japan’s Chicken McNugget Meal


It looks like Japan just introduced a 48 piece Chicken McNugget meal. And of course it comes in a bucket.

The offer is for a limited time only. It’s available only in Niigata Prefecture and part of a promotional tie-up with the the newly launched pop group NGT48, the Niigata-based spin-off of the massively popular idol unit AKB48. – Kotaku

But where is the 1 litre tub of honey mustard dipping sauce?

3 Strikes at Himeji Castle


For the last 10 years Himeji Castle has been my nemesis. From coming too late on my first visit, to the castle being under construction on my last, Himeji castle has long eluded me.

But this time things were going to be different!
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