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Customs and Etiquette You Should Know Before Travel to Japan

Japanese crowd

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A hundred years ago, travel to Asia was a prospect fraught with peril. Not only was it a trip that required weeks of transport via train, boat, or both, but once you got there you would have to deal with a language barrier and a totally different culture.

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Backpackers Guide to Osaka

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Osaka is one Japanese city that fulfils all travellers’ expectations, and not only because it’s a large metropolis that has everything one can expect, but also because much of its offerings can be had on the cheap. Experienced backpackers will already know which Osaka hostels to track down and how, but this short article should serve as a guide for any and all travellers looking to make the experience affordable.

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Travel Japan and Enjoy it

tokyo - travel Japan

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Looking for a place to go to? Why not travel Japan and explore this amazing country? Tourists have frequented this country because it is a place full of beautiful sceneries and tourist spots. Moreover, travel Japan is a great adventure where you get to meet the nice and wonderful people there. If you decide to travel Japan, you are sure to have an experience you will never forget. Before anything else, you should know that travel Japan might be quite expensive but there are tourist packages that are really affordable.

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Budget Backpackers Guide to Tokyo

Backpack with Canadian flag on it

If 30 million people can live in Tokyo, then a budget traveler should expect to find accommodation, entertainment and food suitable to their pocketbook. Don’t think twice about going if the city’s reputation as one of the more expensive global centers in the world is turning you off, because there are not only cheap options, but free ones as well.

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Traveling with a Japan Rail Pass

Shinkansen train in Japan

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Author: Angela Guezen

A Japan Rail Pass can be an extremely valuable tool from getting around Japan. Japan Rail Pass holders have unlimited access to travel throughout Japan’s extensive rail network, including Shinkansen ‘bullet’ trains, limited express trains, express trains and local and rapid trains.

Previously we looked at some of the benefits to taking the train in Japan, today we’re going to look at some top questions about the JR Pass by one the experts at ACP Rail.

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Top Japan Travel Tips

Japan Travel Tips

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I imagine most of you are here because you have an interest in travelling to Japan. Admittedly, it’s the very reason we started this Japan travel website in the first place.

Travelling to Japan can be an exciting as well as intimidating experience. There are few places where you’ll feel more like a foreigner than when visiting Japan. So here are some of our top Japan travel tips that will make your visit a smashing success!

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Simple Instructions on How to Buy Subway Tickets in Japan

Since we live right outside the Osakako subway station, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to get familiar with how to buy Japanese subway tickets like a pro. The above video will show how simple it really is.

Arriving in Japan

Welcome to Japan sign

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So this has been a pretty exciting first week in Japan. I thought I would do a general overview of what has been going on.

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Why You Always Have to Be Careful Flying Budget Airlines


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Flying budget airlines is always a bit of a risk. Saving on a flight often means taking a hit in customer service or comforts. Smaller seats, less leg room and paying through the nose for anything extra is something you’ll no doubt look forward too.

However, what I came up against with JetStar was crappy service beyond anything I had expected.

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I put a lot of effort into planning our survival kit this trip. Let’s see how it all worked out.

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