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Gamer’s Guide to Akihabara


Saw this Gamer Buyer’s Guide to Akihabara that I thought was well done. Akihabara can be a pretty confusing place, so hopefully this can help you navigate some of the madness. At least if you’re a gamer :)

Otsuskaya – Fabric Store Review

So, earlier I wrote an article on some of the lovely Japanese fabrics I like. Now I shall tell you of my great fabric shopping adventure!! Hurray!

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Shopping Japan : Seria


I love a deal. So I loved shopping Japan’s hyaku yen stores (dollar stores). I found that they had an awesome selection of things, from household to crafty things to food items. I also found that they were generally really good quality for the price you paid (105 yen generally).

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Places to Shop in Japan: BookOff

Book Off Japan

I like books. A lot. You might have noticed that =) And as I have mentioned over and over, I like books as mementoes and souvenirs. And I specifically like craft books or magazines. Trav had heard about a second hand book store in Japan, so we decided to check it out.

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Interview with an Osakan – What to Eat and What to Buy in Osaka

Osaka girls crossing street

Photo Credits: by bruceley on Flickr

We earlier had a interview with a friend who is from Osaka, lived for some years in Canada and has now returned to Osaka. This is part two of the interview.

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Cute Places to Visit in Japan

Hello Kitty - Cute Places to Visit in Japan

Please welcome my wife Stacey to I Heart Japan! She’s got a keen eye for all things cute and she’ll be running down the latest trends in kawaii and Japanese crafts.

It doesn’t get much cuter than Hello Kitty. Did you know there is a theme park in Japan dedicated to Hello Kitty! How can you not visit it? (I guess pretty easily, if you didn’t find out about it until you were back home, like me.)

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