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Using Airbnb for your Japan Vacation


I’ve written before about the difficulties of finding fully furnished accommodations in Japan. But that was over five years ago and things ave been improving for the better; particularly with the introduction of Airbnb Japan.

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Life Inside a Capsule Hotel

Photo by Japan Travel Mate

I haven’t had the chance to stay the night in one of Japan’s famous capsule hotels. It is something I definitely want to do someday. I ran across this article today called Inside a Modern Designer Capsule Hotel – 9hours, Kyoto. It’s well worth a read and certainly opened my eyes on the orderliness and technology that some of these capsule hotels have.

This article is a detailed look inside 9hours – the designer/minimalist capsule hotel which opened in December 2009. Unlike most other capsule hotels, this one allows women – and out of all the capsule hotels that do allow women, this is probably the only one they would want to visit.

It looks pretty cool. Check out the whole article here.

Fujiya Hotel Hakone

During our visit to the resort area of Hakone, we happened upon one of the most interesting hotels in Japan – Fujiya. Built in 1878, Fujiya is a delightful opportunity to experience some of Japan’s prewar and modern history.

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Fuji Guest House Hakone – Ryokan Review

Fuji Guest House

During our wonderful visit to Hakone, we stayed in the Fuji Guest House Ryokan. Nestled in the mountains around Mount Fuji, Hokone is famous for their onsen and lovely ryokan.

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Renting a Fully-Furnished Apartment in Osaka

Fully-furnished apartment rental in Osaka Japan

Photo Credits: by Jim O'Connell on Flickr

As Stacey would like to say, I spent 200 hours and 2 years researching fully-furnished apartment rental options in Japan. While that may be a bit of an overkill, we did find a great little place in a wonderful location in the Osaka Bay area.

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Top 5 Ryokan With Private & Public Onsen

Woman bathing at Japanese onsen
One of our readers asked in our recent article Top 5 Ryokan in Japan, what are some top ryokan that are located in beautiful surroundings and have their own private onsen for guests. That’s a great question!

Now if you’re not familiar with what exactly and onsen is, let me help you with that first…

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Top 5 Ryokan in Japan

Best Ryokan in Japan

As promised during our introduction to the Japanese ryokan, we’re back with a rundown of some of the best ryokan in Japan.

Ryokan can certainly vary in quality and price. And when it comes to top ryokan, you will definitely be paying a top price for a quality. With so many great ryokan to chose from, we tried to pick a few of the best from different locations throughout Japan.

So here is our top 5 picks for Japanese ryokan!

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Staying at a Ryokan

What is a ryokan?

You’ve probably come across the term ryokan in your travel books or perhaps you’ve had a friend suggest that you stay in one if you visit Japan.

But what is a ryokan? And how the heck do you pronounce it?

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Finding Long Term Accommodations in Osaka & Kyoto

Finding Accommodations to rent in Japan

Looking for short term accommodations in Japan is relatively easy with a wide variety of choices – from Japanese style inns (ryokans) to ultra modern business hotels – making booking short term stays a snap. But what if you are staying in Japan for longer, say a few months? Now things start to get a whole lot more difficult.

After doing some heavy research for a longer stay in Japan, here’s what I’ve found about booking accommodations for the Osaka and Kyoto area.

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Places to Stay in Tokyo – Meguro Gajoen Ryokan

Meguro Gajoen
Akihabara News just posted a great video on one of the oldest Ryokans (Japanese style hotel) in Tokyo, the Meguo Gajoen.

Tokyo Gajoen is your ordinary modern luxury Hotel, it is still possible however to visit the Historic part of this hotel, with a dedicated tour guide where you will learned how guest in the Past were treated in a gorgeous traditional wooden Ryokan.

For more information, be sure to check out the Meguro Gajoen web site or the reviews over at Trip Advisor.