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Sorry for the Lack of Updates

My apologies for going dark lately. You’ve obviously noticed that I haven’t been updating the site. Things have been a bit busy and I’ve gotten out of my schedule. But I have been thinking of planning a trip back to Japan this fall, so hopefully, that will give me a little kick in the butt :P

Trade in your license for Ramen

Photo Credit: jinkemoole

Photo Credit: jinkemoole

I must say, it is some pretty good outside the box thinking. Police in central Japan are now offering elderly people a discount on ramen if they agree to surrender their driving licences.

The deal has been arranged for senior citizens in Aichi Prefecture in a bid to reduce the number of traffic accidents on local roads. From Friday, elderly drivers who hand over their licences will get a 15% discount on ramen – the popular noodle and broth soup – at the Sugakiya restaurant chain. – BBC

I wonder if there is an age restriction, because I would totally turn in my license :D

Francis “Cooking with Dog” Passes


Super sad news that Francis from Cooking with Dog passed away.


Francis passed away this afternoon. He was 14 years and 9 months old and lived a full, happy life. He was a good friend and will be missed. – Chef and Francis

I was always amazed how he wouldn’t make a run for the food.

Uber in Japan

Photo Credit: 1Q78

Photo Credit: 1Q78

A friend sent me this article on the fall of Uber in Japan. It’s interesting to see how these sharing style companies fare in the Japanese culture. I’m particularity interested in what happens with AirBnB and the troubles they’re having finding a legal foothold.

I guess time will tell.

Suntory Sending Whisky into Space

Photo by: ssoosay

Photo by: ssoosay

It’s seems like a long way to go just for the “development of mellowness”, but Suntory is going to be sending some of their whiskey to the International Space station. They hope that the microgravity environment will aid in the mellowing. While I think it be great to try a dram of the stuff when it gets back in several years, I have a feeling it would cost a bit more than my current whisky budget allows :D

Here is the full news release.

Godzilla Becomes Japanese Citizen

Godzilla, Mototsugu Katagiri

After all the hard work he did helping/destroying Japan, it looks like Godzilla has finally become a Japanese Citizen. According to the NYT:

Godzilla has stomped so many buildings in Japan that the irradiated monster was appointed special resident of and tourism ambassador for Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward.

Good on ya mate!

Tokyo Named World’s Safest City

Photo Credit: JanneM

Photo Credit: JanneM

Tokyo has been named the world’s safest city according to a 2015 Safe Cities Index by The Economist. website reports:

The index, which looks at digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety, ranks the Japanese capital ahead of Singapore second and Osaka third. European capitals Stockholm and Amsterdam complete the world’s top five safest cities.

Nice to see Osaka come in third place :D

Japan Law to Force Workers to go on Holiday

Photo Credit: Bertrand Tran.

Photo Credit: Bertrand Tran.

Yeah I know that’s pretty wild and crazy, but according to The Telegraph, the Japanese Government has recently introduced a law to make sure workers are taking their vacation time.

Read more

Low Yen Makes it a Great Time to Visit

Photo Credit: THEMACGIRL*

Photo Credit: THEMACGIRL*

I was just reading this morning about the drop in the yen and decided to check out how the Canadian dollar stacked up with the exchange rate. I was super surprised to see it a $1 to ¥106. I’ve never it seen it that low! What a great time to head to Japan. I’m not sure if this will last till our next trip, but I sure hope it will :) The Japan Times has more information and the mathy bits if you’re interested.

Osaka Gets New Glico Man Sign

Photo Credits: Muza-chan.

Photo Credits: Muza-chan.

Photographing Osaka’s Glico running man was a must do on my trip almost 5 years ago. Unfortunately, due to the Fukushima Power Plant issues, the singn was turned off before I had a chance to take a night time picture. Mission failed. The good news is that not only did the sign get turned back on, but they’ve also just released a new version, making this the sixth version of the famous running man born in 1935. I look forward to photographing him in all his new LED glory…I hope :)