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Saying “Sorry” in Japanese

Photo by Kalexanderson on Flickr

Photo by Kalexanderson on Flickr

A while back we did a post on how to say you’re sorry in Japanese. The post took a look at some simple ways on how even the most beginner Japanese learner or traveller can express themselves properly. I ran across a more in depth series on the different ways to say you’re sorry over on the LiguaLift blog.

Japan is a country where ostensive humility prevails over and above over almost any other social norm. Japanese people appear to say some variant of the word ‘sorry’ at almost every juncture during their day—even when they have done nothing wrong!

Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the series. It’s well worth a read if you want a deeper understanding of the various ways and degrees of apologizing in Japanese.

How to say “It was nice to meet you” in Japanese

nice to meet you Japanese

Photo by Ben K Adams on Flickr

Japan has been know as a place where manners go a long way. While style and opinion certainly change, it’s hard to go wrong when you try and be as polite as possible when meeting new people in Japan. For this instalment of our lessons in helpful Japanese travel phrases we thought we’d look out how to say “It was nice to meet you” in Japanese.

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How to Order Food in Japanese

Ordering Food in Japanese

Photo by by quinn.anya on Flickr

Ordering food in Japanese doesn’t need to be an intimidating experience. With these simple phrases and your pointer finger you’ll be ordering food off the Japanese menu like a pro.

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Japanese Phrase Book Review

Man using Japanese phrasebook

Photo by JoeBenjamin on Flickr

A well put together phrase book can be a life saver for any traveller. While getting to know a few key words and expressions in Japanese is always recommended, before long you’ll find yourself venturing far outside your comfort zone, and that’s where a good Japanese phrasebook is worth its weight in gold.

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Saying How Old You Are in Japanese

Say How Old are you in Japanese

Age can be a touchy subject no matter where you live. In Japan it was once considered quite rude to ask someone their age. Of course, before our last trip, I told my wife about this, but she proceeded to ask people anyway :)

The Japanese don’t seem to have as big a hang up of asking foreigners there age, however. So how do you reply in Japanese when someone asks how old you are?

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How to say “Sorry” in Japanese

Stamp that says Sorry

There is an old joke that if you want a Canadian to say he’s sorry you just have to step on his foot. Now while that may be surprisingly accurate, you’ll probably find yourself saying sorry as much as a Canadian when you visit Japan.

From stepping on feet to bumping around in the subway, saying “excuse me” or “sorry” will be probably one of your most used words other than “thank you”. So let’s learn how to say it!

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How to say “Goodbye” in Japanese

Say goodbye in Japanese

No one likes to say goodbye, but did you know there are different ways to say goodbye in Japanese depending on when you’re planning on seeing a person again and who the person is?

Here are a few proper ways to say farewell in Japanese without sounding like a newbie or needlessly offending anyone.

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How to Ask Directions in Japanese

Asking directions in Japanese

Japan can be a big and confusing place, with street signs covered in strange writing and massive amounts of humanity going every which way, it’s not hard to find yourself lost from time to time.

So how do you get yourself out of a bind and find your bearings again? Today we will teach you a simple phrase for asking directions in Japanese.

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Shopping in Japan – Asking “How much?”

shopping in japan
Japan is a shopper’s paradise. From electronic super stores, to strange and bizarre curios, there seems to be something for everyone in Japan.

But what do you do when come across a great product with no price listed?

For cases like this you’ll want to learn to say “How much is this” in Japanese!

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How to buy tickets in Japanese

japan train ticket
Before our last visit to Japan, I decided before we left, that I wasn’t going to purchase the Japan Rail Pass that gives you unlimited travel on Japanese Railways for a certain number of days. I had crunched the numbers and figured that I could get away a little bit cheaper if I just purchased the tickets that I needed at the time. It ended up being more affordable, but I did spend a lot of time at ticket counters purchasing tickets.

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