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Video Message from Japan

Japan has noticed a huge 62.5% drop in tourism after the great earthquake, and in a effort to get the word out that Japan is safe and still a great tourist destination, they’ve put out some videos to inform and hopefully draw more people.

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Anime Map of Japan

Anime Map of Japan

A friend just drew my attention to the Japan National Tourism Organization’s anime map to Japan. It lists some of the famous locations throughout Japan that have been depicted in various anime series. Well worth checking out if you’re a big anime fan!

Living it up in Hakone


Photo by /\ltus on FLickr

I actually thought I was going to have more time to write about Japan while we are here. As it turns out, I was idiot for thinking that :P

There are just too many things to see and experience that I find I have little time to write after the day is done. That’s bad news for readership, but the good news is we have plenty to talk about once we get back. For example, the brother-in-law and I just got back from a wonderful ryokan experience at the Fuji-Hakone Guest House and we just got an amazing room rate at the Fujiya Hotel, one of Hakone’s grandest and oldest historic hotels.

Expect detailed reviews of both.

Five Reasons Why Living in Japan is Better Than Where You Live

Japan travel

[Editor – We’re super excited to have our first guest article. This one is from Nathan, a designer from Tokyo. Thanks again Nathan!]

Japan’s a pretty cool place.

If you’re reading this, you probably share this sentiment.

Japan is such a cool place that I decided to live here! After four years soaking it all in, I’m prepared to offer you five reasons why (I think) Japan is a better place to live than where you currently reside. No offense to you or where you are but there are just some things about this country that feel like magic.

Enough with the jibber-jabber. Here we go!

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My Experience of the Japan Earthquake

Japan 2011 earthquake

Just thought I would write a short blurb on what the earthquake was like to experience…

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Nisshoken – Japan’s Sunshine Rights

Tokyo in the sun

Photo Credits: mrhayata on Flickr

Recently while I was reading the book Life in Tokyo, I came across a section that described a strange building law that required every Japanese citizen a basic right to sunshine.

I’m not sure if this is still in practice or not, but here’s what it’s all about.

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Frommer’s Japan Guide – Book Review

Frommer's Japan Guide

Photo by: Stuck in Customs on Flickr

I’ve always been a fan of guide books. Before a trip I tend to devour a guide book cover-to-cover multiple times. I figure if I don’t, I’ll miss some super important site or event and my trip will be a complete waste.

Of course, basing your entire trip on guide book recommendations is not a great way to travel, either. So today we’re going to look at Frommer’s guide book to Japan to see what it has to offer the Japan traveler.

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Packing For A Long Haul Trip – Japan Survival Kit

Photo by: derajfast on Flickr

Our trip is coming up really fast now. I’ve been slowly collecting our clothing and other items in area for packing. To start though, we decided on what to take on our carry on. What will make this trip more endurable as we will be about 36 hours in the air plus time in airports.

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Winter in Japan

Winter in Japan Mount Fuji
December to February brings on the winter season in Japan. From skiing to snow sculpture building, Japan has a ton of winter activities to enjoy (also check out our post on what to do in Japan in spring).

Here’s our rundown on things to do in Japan in winter and some outstanding winter photographs from Flickr.

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Japan Castle Explorer

Japan Castle Explorer

I saw this really cool site tweeted last week, the Japan Castle Explorer.

The website lists all the most famous castles of Japan and allows you to click on each to find out information like who built the castle, which clans owned it as well as plenty of photos. Best of all, it’s laid out on a map of Japan, so you’ll know where each castle is located.