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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

Japan bamboo forest

Photo by Stuck in Customs on Flickr

If you are bored to death by your daily monotonous activities, why shouldn’t you break the monotony by choosing a totally different country for your next vacation? Why not go to Japan? Spend some time there, enjoying everything that this new culture has to offer; I bet that your creativity and imagination will be the first to benefit from such an outstanding experience.

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Customs and Etiquette You Should Know Before Travel to Japan

Japanese crowd

Photo by tokyoform on Flickr

A hundred years ago, travel to Asia was a prospect fraught with peril. Not only was it a trip that required weeks of transport via train, boat, or both, but once you got there you would have to deal with a language barrier and a totally different culture.

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The State of Social Networking in Japan

Lady with flag with people following her.

Photo by St Stev on Flickr

Sorry for being late with my typical Tuesday post. I was helping a friend with an appointment, so I was away all day yesterday.

Today I came across an interesting article on the popularity of social networking in Japan. The Japanese are certainly big on media consumption, but often it’s done in a completely different way than in the West.

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Japan’s Population Shrinking

Crowd of Japanese people

Photo by tokyoform on Flickr

Interesting BBC article on how Japan’s population is predicted to shrink by one-third by 2060. There’s some interesting figures on what this will mean, but no exact reasons are given to why the trend is going on. Perhaps it has something to do with singleness being on the rise in Japan?

The research says that Japan’s population will keep declining by one million people every year in coming decades. – BBC

Spring in Japan

Spring in Japan

Photo by jasohill on Flickr

March to May brings on the spring season in Japan (be sure to check out our post on winter in Japan). With the weather starting to warm up and the flowers and trees starting to blossom and bud, spring in Japan is a photographers dream come true.

Here’s our rundown on things to do in Japan in spring and some outstanding spring photographs from Flickr.

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Bizarre Japan – Underwear that Helps you Lose Weight

Japanese weight loss underwear

I came across a video link on Twitter about a new underwear in Japan that claims to help you lose weight. Apparently it’s made of some sort of material that constricts so that it’s harder to move in. So does it really work?

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6 Months After the Tsunami

Clean up after tsunami

A friend sent me a link to an article in The Sacramento Bee about the clean up six months after the devastating tsunami that struck the Tōhoku region on Japan. It’s really inspiring.

Japan’s 10,000 Flight Giveaway

JAL Airplane

Photo by ykanazawa1999 on Flickr

It was actually my sister who first told me about this. It seems the Japanese Government may be looking at giving away 10,000 round-trip flights to Japan next year.

Here’s the details!

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Breaking the Myth: Japan is not that Expensive

Shibuya crossing Japan

Photo by Sprengben on Flickr

I was in a conversation today about the cost of living in different cities of the world. The general consensus was that most statistics we see about how expensive cities are can be way off the mark. Especially for people who actually live there.

Here’s my take on why I believe Japan is not nearly as expensive as we are led to believe.

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Our Fujiya Hotel Video

I was finally able to upload our short video we took from the Fujiya Hotel in Hakone Japan. For our full review click here.