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Living in Japan

While browsing on my TV looking for interesting YouTube videos to watch, I stumbled on A Life In Japan. It’s an interview style video of just over an hour long, and it highlights a lot of different perspectives on what it’s like to live in Japan. Some of the interviewees are very perceptive while others are a bit cringe worthy :) It’s well worth a watch and Stacey really likes the song at the end (watch for some stylin air drumming).

Interview with an Osakan – What to Eat and What to Buy in Osaka

Osaka girls crossing street

Photo Credits: by bruceley on Flickr

We earlier had a interview with a friend who is from Osaka, lived for some years in Canada and has now returned to Osaka. This is part two of the interview.

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Japan Interviews: Travel Advice & What to See in Osaka/Kyoto

Osaka at night

Photo Credit: Christopher Chan on Flickr

Every once and a while we’re going to be bringing you some short interviews with people who either live in or who have traveled to Japan. You’ll learn through their experiences some great travel tips or things to do and see while in Japan.

Today we’re going to ask a few questions from our one-time Japanese teacher Asami who now lives in Osaka.

Let’s get to it!

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