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The Tech Behind Conveyor Belt Sushi

Some pretty amazing tech goes into conveyor belt sushi. And here I though they were just counting your different color plates at the end of the meal :P

How to Eat Sushi

Saw this video over on Lifehacker and thought it was worth sharing these tips on how to best eat sushi. It looks like I’ve been doing some of the steps wrong :) Also, Chef Naomichi Yasuda seems like a pretty fun guy.

Yummy Japan


I read about this YouTube channel in Hiragana Times (I still have to write a post about this magazine), and I thought it looked like a great little place for finding out about Japanese cuisine. The channel links together a bunch of YouTube Japanese food videos and video bloggers. Check out Yummy Japan.

Book Review: My Japanese Table

My Japanese Table - Book Review

For me, Japanese food has always been a mixed bag. There are many foods like ramen and tonkatsu that I love. Other dishes, however, can leave me shaking my head in wonder and asking myself “Why would anyone want to eat this?”. For that reason I was interested in taking a peak at the Japanese cookbook My Japanese Table to see what I was missing out on.

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Eat Curry. Win Money.


This seems like it’s right down my alley. Gold Curry is offering up some sweet curry challenges with it’s 2-kilogram “challenge” curry rice (priced at 1,980 yen or US$18.90) and eat it in fifteen minutes, it’s free. Then, there is the four-kilo curry rice challenge, which is 3,480 yen ($33). Finish it in thirty minutes, and it’s free.

But the big daddy of them all is the 10-kilogram curry rice challenge which will net you about $900 if you finish it in an hour. I’m sure you would pass out or explode before you even got close to finishing 22 pounds of rice. Kotako has more details as well as some delightful photos.

Coffee in Japan – The Kissaten

Photo Credit: Sylvain_Latouche.

Photo Credit: Sylvain_Latouche.

When we were in Osaka for two months, the search for quality coffee was a paramount concern for me. While the Japanese certainly enjoy their coffee, the huge popularity for tea makes finding good coffee a bit more difficult.

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High Speed Sushi

This must be Japan’s version of fast food :) If you want to check it out in person, try the Tokyo, Shibuya branch located behind Shibuya 109 in Dogenzaka. Thanks to Kotaku for the link.

How To Make Totoro Onigiri

It’s been a while since we did a cute food post :) Here’s a video that the fun people over at Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi (great name!) just sent us. If you’re an onigiri or Totoro fan you’ll be sure to like it.

Introduction to Japanese Food – Gyoza

Japanese Gyoza

Photo by Zeetz Jones on Flickr

Fried dumplings, pot stickers, call them what you will, you’ve probably had Japanese gyoza without even knowing it. Today we’re going to look at this delicious Japanese treat that you’ll find almost everywhere you look in Japan.

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5 Most Famous Sushi Bars In Japan


Photo by by Renée S on Flickr

Sushi is a delectable food choice for many people who live or vacation in Japan. Using rice, fish, vegetables and a variety of different flavorings, enjoying a sushi meal is a cultural and tasty experience. For those who live in or are just visiting Japan, you cannot really experience Japan until you eat in a great sushi restaurant. While Japan may have a variety of sushi restaurants to choose from, here are five of the best.

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