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Kawaii Poses Through the Ages

Fun little video showcasing some of the cute Japanese poses over the years. Seems like I have to update my double peace sign style.

Aggretsuko – A Better Hello Kitty

I think we can all identify with poor Aggretsuko.

Stuffed Animal Hospital


Mark this one up as too cute not to share. Check out Kotaku for all the details on this Japanese hospital for your stuffed animals. Treatments include shampoos and massages as well as major stuffing replacement surgery :D

Neko Atsume


Just read an article over on Kotaku on Neko Atsume. The game is in Japanese but I have a feeling that Stacey may want to check it out :D Here are the Android and iPhone links.

Learn to Use Chopsticks with Chopstick Man

I’m not a chopstick expert. It is always a little depressing when Stacey receives complements for her chopstick skills while I get little more than a silent stare. I guess I’m doing it so wrong that there is no help for me. Until now that is. Now we have Chopstick Man to show us how it’s done!

By the way Chopstick Man, why so grumpy all the time? Is it because of my deplorable chopstick skills? Please don’t be angry with me Mr. Chopstick Man :(

Cat News Network

I would definitely watch more news and debate programming if they did it like this! :D

My Re-ment Collection- Part 4


It’s time for….what Re-ment does Stacey have? What a great time!

So this is the 4th set in my Re-ment collection.

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Japan’s Cat Travellers


Join Nyalan and his little buddy Deshi as they travel across Japan in their super cute Twitter feed.

These cats are the “image characters” for Jalan, a travel site in Japan. Thanks to Kotaku for the link.

Cat Cafés in Japan

For many people about the world, the dog is man’s best friend. However, in Japan, things are pretty different. The crowded streets of cities like Tokyo and Osaka mean that keeping any pet can be very difficult, let alone exercising an animal like a dog. Furthermore, apartments and rented accommodations forbid the keeping of pets in many of Japan’s cities: this is where cat cafés come in, people just hire a cat for an hour or two.

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Monkey Loves Magic

This is too cute not to share :D