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Stuffed Animal Hospital


Mark this one up as too cute not to share. Check out Kotaku for all the details on this Japanese hospital for your stuffed animals. Treatments include shampoos and massages as well as major stuffing replacement surgery :D

Otsuskaya – Fabric Store Review

So, earlier I wrote an article on some of the lovely Japanese fabrics I like. Now I shall tell you of my great fabric shopping adventure!! Hurray!

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Japanese Artist : YUMIKO HIGUCHI


I discovered a lovely artist that I thought I would write about. I can’t remember how I found her but her work is marvellous. She is an embroidery artist.

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Bookoff Craft Section

Bookoff sign

One thing I didn’t mention in my article earlier were the sections I perused in the book store. So if you are interesting in crafts you may want to look for the sections that say:

手芸 (,手=hand、芸=skill)
Pronunciation: syugei しゅげい
kurafuto クラフト

Just a little note that may make the bookstores a little easier to get around.

Japan Crafting: Magazine Review

Japan crafting magazine

Other keepsakes I brought back from Japan were a few copies of a magazine named Stitch Ideas. (ステッキ idees). Magazines and books are really some of my favourite keepsakes from our visit to Japan. I find them so lovely to review and then to make something from them is another way to have a little keepsake of Japan.

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Japan Craft: Hat Making Book Review

Japan Craft Book - Hats

Once again, Japan fills a niche that I found lacking back home. I love hats….pretty much any style, or colour of hat. However, in Canada I have always felt like making a hat, is way beyond the skills of the average person. And only professionals could be capable of making hats. In Japan though, I found a book that made me believe that I too could make a hat.

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Cute Things From Japan: Sewing Book Review

Photo by EssG on Flcikr

So I guess you get the idea that my favourite souvenirs are books…lots of books. I like that I can remember where I bought them, and they aren’t just a knickknack, but rather actual useful information. And hopefully, the information in that book showcases Japan in some way.

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Cute Things From Japan: Wool Felting

Japanese Wool Felting

Book review: フェルト羊毛でつくる かわいいプチ雑貨

Or as Google translates it to English: Easy first shotgun! Cute petite wool felt to make goods. (Thank goodness my first shotgun will be an easy one.)

So another book review or as I like to call it, “a great excuse for me to talk about the stuff I bought and get all excited about it.”

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Cute Things from Japan – Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts from Japan

The Japanese are whizzes with paper. Chiyogami for paper crafts; Shojigami for housing fittings; Karakami for sliding panels, clothing and waterproofed raincoats. And they continue to see it as a useful and playful item. Canon is perfect example of that. Look at the brilliant things they have come up with, just with paper and a printer.

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