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Book Review: Diary of a Tokyo Teen

Granted I may not be the intended target audience for this book. But for a moment you’re welcome to pretend I’m a Tokyo teen :D

Stop laughing!

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Book Review: A Guide to Reading and Writing Japanese


As anyone who has started studying Japanese will know, reading is really, really hard. With 3 different writing systems and thousands of tiny and complicated kanji to learn, it’s easy to view reading Japanese as too high of a mountain to climb.

Today we’re going to quickly review a guide that will hopefully make that climb a little easier.

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Book Review: Japan’s World Heritage Sites


I’ll be honest, I’m not really aware of many World Heritage sites. I’m sure Canada has their share, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what they are. I do know, thanks to the book Japan’s World Heritage Sites, that Japan has a ton of them. Maybe it’s a normal amount in comparison to other countries, but I do know it will take you a long time if you want to see them all :)

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Guide Book Review: Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands


I’ll admit it, I find beaches boring. Laying out in the sun all day just doesn’t really appeal to me. For that reason, the Okinawa region of Japan hasn’t really appealed to me. So I really wasn’t sure if I was going to find much excitement from the Tuttle guide book Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands.

As often happens, I was wrong.

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Book Review: A Geek in Japan

A Geek in Japan - Book Review

I’ve actually had my eye on A Geek In Japan for a long time but I never could quite get myself to pull the trigger and pick up a copy. Let tell you why I was having trouble with this book and why ultimately it was my loss.

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Book Review: Tuttle Travel Pack – Japan

Tuttle Travel Pack Japan

I had the opportunity this week to sit down and review another Japan travel guide. Let’s take a look at the Tuttle Travel Pack Japan guide.

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Best Japanese Learning Tools – Part 1: Books

Best Japanese Learning Tools - Books

Photo by afrowolf on Flickr

I realize that any “best Japanese learning tools” type of post will be subjective at best. It all depends on your learning style and your circumstances.

So while these tools may not end up being your favorites, they should give you a good sampling of what works well for learning the Japanese language. Please keep in mind that I’ve been learning the language almost completely devoid of native speakers or immersion possibilities. So these tools are compiled with the home learner in mind.

So let’s get at it!

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Review: Marceline Smith’s Kawaii Japan

Kawaii Japan Shopping Guide
A while ago, Marceline from kindly sent us a couple of her guides she has developed from her visits to Japan. In finally getting around to reviewing it, I discovered it had already been replaced by a new guide. Marceline kindly sent me her newer one for me to review. And while she has sent me a couple to review, you know I have to start with “Kawaii Japan.” (Thanks for the updates Marceline and sorry it has taken me so long to review.)

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Japanese Phrase Book Review

Man using Japanese phrasebook

Photo by JoeBenjamin on Flickr

A well put together phrase book can be a life saver for any traveller. While getting to know a few key words and expressions in Japanese is always recommended, before long you’ll find yourself venturing far outside your comfort zone, and that’s where a good Japanese phrasebook is worth its weight in gold.

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Book Review: 100えんグツズでセンスのいい


Here is another review of one of the books/magazines I purchased while in Japan. This one also came from Book-Off (link) for only 105 yen.

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