Japan Rent-a-friend

Have you ever found yourself without a friend on the weekend? What about a husband or a wife to hang around with? Or fake children? Or a person to give an apology on your behalf?

Your problems are over with Japan’s professional stand-in service Family Romance!

Check out this translated description for their apology stand-in:

Since the affair dating partner got pregnant I was asked to partner of the parent to come to apologize with his father. I want you to accompany the apology as boss role because I made a mistake at work. Such as, if not likely to say far from the real person, you will be accompanied to Narikiri apologize to that person.

Nothing says sorry about the affair and getting you pregnant more than a complete stranger getting paid to apologize to you :D

And I don’t know what kind of service this is. But I want it!

Now I have to put my rental children to bed and get my rental wife to help with dinner.

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