Book Review: Diary of a Tokyo Teen

Granted I may not be the intended target audience for this book. But for a moment you’re welcome to pretend I’m a Tokyo teen :D

Stop laughing!

What’s Inside

As I perused the cover of this book, I must admit that I felt a little out of my element. Covered it cute drawings and kawaii writing, I felt like I had stolen the diary of a girl in my grade nine homeroom class. But after reading for a bit, I really got into the story of Christine and her solo trip back to her homeland.

The book is full of interesting and funny observations on Japan and Japanese culture. Most of the things Christine writes about will be very familiar to first time visitors to Japan. The awe and wonder of a new country mixed with the niggling feeling that you’re not really getting it.

I can certainly understand her take on the rock formations at Ryōan-ji in Kyoto.

And the fact that she loves tonkatsu and ramen puts her in top spot in my books.

The book is also a coming of age story. While this is not the first time Christine has been to Japan, this is the first time she has gone by herself.

As a first time solo traveller you can sympathise as she struggles with thoughts that every guy who talks to her is probably a kidnapping pervert and why no cute guys will look up from their phone to notice how beautiful this mysterious traveller is.

I know the feeling! :P

Her art style is really great and I applaud the courage is must have taken to put together a story like this while being so young.

Overall it’s a great story and I think Christine would make a excellent travel companion.

Whew! Now I can go back to being a grumpy old man :D

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