Manhole cover collectors’ cards


If you’ve ever been interested in the variety of artful manhole covers in Japan, we’ve got some good news! Apparently they will be launching a set of collectable cards at the “manhole” summit in Tokyo.

The covers attract a special kind of tourist – “drainspotters” – who visit from around the world to see their distinctive designs. The covers often feature a symbol specific to an area or town, or a local mascot – BBC

Hmm I wonder how I can convince my wife to attend…Look honey there’s a major manhole summit happening in Tokyo…Wait! They’re going to be giving cards away for free if you visit their sewage plant!…(walks away)

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  1. Mike  on April 19th, 2016

    Hmm interesting. I was in Tokyo for 10 days and I never noticed! That’s what I like about Japan, there’s just so many different things like this.

    Guess I just will have to go back now…

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