Quick Japan Travel Tip – Google Maps is Your Best Friend

Photo Credit: nicwn

Photo Credit: nicwn

I can’t believe how useful Google Maps was on our trip to Japan. It made navigating the cities, finding your way to the closest subway station and figuring out which trains and buses to take a complete breeze!

It’s not often when technology surpasses my expectations, but a cell phone with a data sim card and Google Maps was invaluable in making our trip so much better and stress free. Don’t travel Japan without it :D

2 Responses to “Quick Japan Travel Tip – Google Maps is Your Best Friend”

  1. kinger  on November 11th, 2015

    It’s true it even works without data using gps definite travel must

  2. Vickie Davis  on November 23rd, 2015

    Google maps is amazing not only in Japan. I was in Korea last year. It saved my life. It is amazing how one app can find you every time everywhere. Best regards!

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