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Hi, my name is Hanako! I have been drawing cartoons about funny moments in my life, and I have been sharing them on my blog, The Days of Hanako. I was born and raised in Aomori, which is a small city in northern japan. I met my Canadian husband Kevin while he was working in Aomori, and eventually, I moved to Toronto.

Living together in both Japan and Canada has provided me with many stories about our experiences. I have a lot of funny moments to share about when we first met and the challenges we had understanding each other, often miscommunicating with funny results. Then we had to overcome a long distance relationship for about 2 years before I moved to Canada. Coming to Canada was of course a huge culture shock to me and there are also amusing anecdotes about this time in my life.

I had never dreamed my life would turn out as it has and I cherish all the memories. My initial purpose for cartooning was to capture these memories before they were gone, but the response I have received from visitors to my blog and instagram page has inspired me to continue. I am so happy that people get enjoyment from my comics. My husband Kevin tells people that when we first met, communication was very difficult, but we understood each other’s sense of humour and that was how we connected. I am finding that many other people also enjoy my sometimes strange sense of humour and it makes me really happy.

My personal goal now is to spread my work as much as possible and to hopefully publish a collection of my work. I even keep some of my work off the blog so that people will have more to read in a book. So… keep reading and spread it to your friends! And a big thank you from me.

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The comic strips below are about Kevin asking my father for permission to marry me. I am the oldest of three sisters and the first to bring a boy (or a “foreign acquaintance” as I put it. (See blog entry 005 – “Kevin meets my parents”) to our family home. My father was not ready to give Kevin his blessing right away and spent time writing a note in English that told Kevin to find someone else in Canada…but we had already been a couple for 6 years! Kevin did not back down, and told my dad that I am the only one for him and expressed his love for me.

Kevin’s passion and expressiveness shocked my dad again, and he escaped to his room to digest the shock. Never in my life have I heard my dad telling my mom that he loves her. I do feel that he loves her, but generally speaking Japanese people are not as expressive as North American people. It was an awkward moment when it was happening, but I now I can see the humour in it.



It took a long time for Kevin to be accepted into my family, but he stuck with it and now everyone gets along fine. Please visit my blog to see how Kevin impressed my mother and grandma and how I have become a part of his family here in Canada. Once again, thank you to all my supporters, I love getting feedback on my comics, so please keep sending your messages.

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  1. Travis  on October 4th, 2014

    Hilarious story :) Thanks Hanako!

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