Plans to Head Back to Japan

Photo Credit: Yukinori Hasumi

Photo Credit: Yukinori Hasumi

Well I think I may finally have permission to head back to Japan for a visit next year :) The wife really wants to go to Paris, and we will get there (I promise!), but it looks like we’re on our way to Japan next fall.

Prep Work

With any travel plans, there’s going to be a ton of prep work to tackle. While I’m only in the brainstorming stage right now there are a few things I thinking about. Like when I should book the apartment, and if it will be easier this time getting a prepaid SIM card for my phone. I’ve heard that things have improved a bit when it comes to getting a SIM card in Japan, and I have globally unlocked my cell phone (I think!), so I’m hoping it’s going go a bit smoother this time.

We’re thinking we’d like to stay in the same fully-furnished apartment we did last time. It was super convenient had quick access to everything we needed…including a McDonalds across the street, when we we’re craving a little taste from the west. I won’t say how many times we got food from there, but I did get pretty efficient at saying “four cheeseburgers and two fries” in Japanese :)

Language Prep

Photo Credit: No Boring Stories

Photo Credit: No Boring Stories

As you probably know, I’ve been pretty much home schooling myself with Japanese. And I’ve had my fair share of struggles. While I’ll always try to schedule my Japanese learning a little every day, I’ve really noticed I haven’t progressed very well in my spoken Japanese.

For that reason I’ve started a weekly 1 hour Skype lesson with a Japanese teacher. While I think 30-45 a day of study is better than doing 2 hours once a week, I’m starting to think that a regular conversation lesson with a native Japanese speaking will be of tremendous value. I’ll let you know how it goes :)

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  1. Shani  on September 17th, 2014

    Thats cool! So next fall eh? Neat to be learning with a real teacher, it helps!

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