World’s Most Peaceful Contries


Japan has long been know for being a peaceful country, and I know I felt really safe pretty much everywhere I went. The Vision of Humanity website just release their 2014 index of global peace with some very interesting results. While I wasn’t surprised to see Japan listed in the top 10 at position 8, I was surprised to find Canada at position 7. Perhaps it’s just my perception, but Japan feels safer to me :) Thanks to Skeptikai for the link!

2 Responses to “World’s Most Peaceful Contries”

  1. Soulmemoria  on September 18th, 2014

    Wow the US is not safe at all. I’m also quite surprise to see Russia at 152. My country Malaysia is at 33rd. Maybe that’s about true. Great post Travis!!

  2. Travis  on September 18th, 2014

    Thanks! And you’re right, I was surprised by America’s ranking as well.

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