Your Own Personal Japanese Guide

Photo Credit: bass_nroll

Photo Credit: bass_nroll

For those visiting Tokyo and would like to experience the sights but are worried about not knowing Japanese, Travelers and Local Japan have recently launched a service to pair up visitors with a local Japanese volunteer to help you navigate the wonders of Japan.

What is the service?

Travellers and Local Japan promises to bring you together with a Japanese local in order for you to share experiences and to obtain vital information through. Everything is free of charge and there is no need to pay or tip. Sounds like a great deal! :D

“The service comes from a thought of a wish for travelers to obtain vital information, and share many experiences with Japanese locals, in order to make their trips happier and the travelers to feel much closer to Japan. Every single minute you spend with Japanese locals during the trip will become a wonderful moment.”

logo6While we haven’t used this particular service before, we did happen to stumble upon some Japanese students while visiting Kyoto’s Kinkankuji. They were able to provide a lot more detail about the site and its history. I can definitely see how touring Tokyo would be improved while doing it with a local.

    Here are some of the suggestions from the site on how to use their service:

  • If I were able to feel the Japanese intimately, I think I would be able to have a deeper understanding on Japanese culture.
  • I am going to visit Japan with my partner, so please give me some information on special dating plans in Tokyo!
  • I have been to Japan many times but would like to see a different aspect of Japan this time.
  • I would like to interact with people who have similar occupation to mine and explore some interesting human network.
  • I would like to get together at a table as if we were inviting families over dinner and listening to some exotic topics.

More details about how to apply for the service can be found on the Travelers and Locals Japan website.

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