The Benefits of Learning Japanese as a Second Language

Photo Credit: Nomadic Lass

Photo Credit: Nomadic Lass

Learning a second language is a brilliant addition for your CV and your general set of skills.

Being bilingual positively affects your life and can open you up to numerous amazing opportunities. You will develop your mental capacities in that you will become much more attentive and your problem solving skills will become much sharper and quicker.

The determination that is vital for learning a new language becomes a transferable skill in the workplace and will be very noticeable once employees are aware that you know another language.

Being fluent in another language puts you in a fantastic position for career progression as employees treasure those that will be able to make connections with foreign companies.

Appreciating and learning about another culture is one of the best parts to becoming bilingual. You will find yourself embracing new modern culture interests and you will start to be a lot more open minded about the world around you.

So, you have decided you want to learn a new language and now you need to figure out what language you want to pursue.
Every new learner has reasons for the language they want to take on, even if it’s just as simple as liking the sound of it. However, one language we would always recommend learning is the Japanese language.

But, why?

The Japanese Culture

Photo Credit: Ame Otoko

Photo Credit: Ame Otoko

Japanese culture is completely different to the English culture and has one of the biggest and most interesting histories in the World. Learning the language enhances your knowledge of Japan and will completely open you up to their incredible world of culture.

Here are some of the most amazing things you might want to know about the Japanese culture.

Food and Beverages

Photo Credit: Benson Kua

Photo Credit: Benson Kua

  • Food and Beverages – Japan is well known for the bizarre and wonderful novelty food and drinks they sell. They use bursts of flavours to their full advantage and mix flavours we would have never even thought of. They also have some delicious famous meals that people in Japan love to eat.
  • The word for ‘food’ in Japan is ‘gohan’. This has the meaning of rice, but because the Japanese eat so much rice this has become the general word for all types of foods! In Japan, many main meals come with a portion of rice topped with a selection of fish or meat.
  • There are thousands of fast food chains in Japan! They have a particular passion for KFC, which they have dotted about in every city.
  • They sell hundreds of different types of fizzy drinks or ‘soda’. Many of them formed from mainstream brands like Pepsi and 7up. One of their most popular drinks is the Salty Watermelon Pepsi or the Curry Soda – crazy, right? Still fantastic!


Photo Credit: Ame Otoko

Photo Credit: Ame Otoko

  • The fashion in Japan can vary from the traditional look with beautiful silk kimonos to familiar high street fashions similar to what we are used to and then they have trends that are dramatic and very unique. Music and other forms of pop culture has a big influence on youth fashion in Japan
  • Manba is a dramatic fashion that combines bright coloured clothes, hair and makeup with very dark tans that make the person look bright orange and unrealistic. This style uses big accessories and eccentric clothes to complete the look.
  • Sweet Lolita is a style that embraces girly clothes in usually baby pink shades, with big ponytails and big bows that they place in their hair. This style is inspired by dolls and all things pretty

Pop Culture

Photo Credit: Liberty Photos

Photo Credit: Liberty Photos

  • Pop culture influences lots of the fashion in Japan and some of their pop culture elements have become worldwide and create a brilliant part of the Japanese economy and business.
  • Manga comics are a huge deal in Japan as well as internationally adored. If you are a fan of comics and Manga, learning Japanese allows you to thoroughly explore Manga and enjoy it to the best you possibly can!
  • The Japanese film industry is one of the largest and oldest in the world. Many people in the US and Britain love the watch Japanese films but with subtitles. Learning Japanese means you will no longer need the subtitles and you can concentrate on the action!

Japanese Business

Photo Credit: Saad.Akhtar via Compfight

Photo Credit: Saad.Akhtar

The potential best reason to learn Japanese is to expand your career into the Japanese business. Japan has the 2nd biggest economy in the entire world.
The wages of employees in Japan tend to be very high and business men and women are very well respected.

Being able to speak Japanese makes it much easier to work with partners in Japan, if you can communicate with them, they are more likely to work with you.
Lots of the major technology companies are in Japan as technology over there is much more advanced than anywhere else.

Being able to speak Japanese means you will find it easier to work there and places like Tokyo have an amazing career path for marketing students and anyone who plans to work in the technology or media sector.

More Interesting facts about Japan

Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

  • The Japanese people are very direct and make personal conversations
  • The Japanese language speaks for itself without the use of hand gestures
  • It is normal to be ‘fashionably late’
  • When being greet with a bow, you should bow as low as they do

Learning the Japanese language is a great stepping stone into learning more Asian languages. As Asia is the largest continent in the world, being able to speak the languages of it could be very beneficial in terms of both travel and business

Can you think of any other benefits to learning Japanese? If so, let us know in the comments.

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