My Re-ment Collection- Part 4


It’s time for….what Re-ment does Stacey have? What a great time!

So this is the 4th set in my Re-ment collection.

This set if from the “Snack of Paris – Natalie chan” series. It is the 7th one out of 8. This is one of my earliest re-ments. So it has a Paris and a treat theme. I made an attempt to translate what the little description says that is included with it.


Now I am certainly not fluent in any way in Japanese, so if anyone feels like passing on a better translation. Please feel free. But as far as I can tell this says:

Natalie-chan’s Paris Snacks

7. A French baked pastries gift


And this part says (again as best I can tell):

A very cute gift of baked pastries was received.
Looking at the colourful meringues and dreaming about their fluffiness.
An airy box to put Natalie’s treasures in.


Such lovely airy boxes! =)


Here are the meringues that Natalie is dreaming over. Even packing paper is provided to keep it all nicely organized.


And check out that adorable jam jar.


In the blue box are other treats.


There are some pretty iced sugar cookies.


A teapot and two hearts.

But I must admit to being stumped by these:


What do you think they are? Muffins? Cookies? Tarts? I really can’t tell.

It is such a cute set, I would love to get such a gift in RL! So much thought is put into each Re-ment set. Like for this set we have the character Natalie-chan- a cute little dreamer. Then they toss in tiny pastries. And these aren’t just common pastries – these are Parisian pastries. Those little things just make them more special. I actually wish I had more from the Natalie-chan set. Oh well…I love the one I do have =)


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