Japan 2013 – A Year In Review


Just ran across this great rundown by Neojaponisme on what was happening in Japan for 2013. Some notable items include the fall of AKB48 and the rise of rather disturbing selfie pics (pictured above)…

We finally have a new contender: “kappa mouth,” which takes its name from the flatulent, frog-skinned, bird-beaked yokai with a penchant for sticking slimy fingers into swimmers’ colons. It involves rolling in the lips and pushing down to create a shallow V. Pundits are suspiciously silent as to whether the naming refers to the yokai’s beak, or rather the expression one assumes after having a slimy finger stuck into their backside.


2 Responses to “Japan 2013 – A Year In Review”

  1. sasksak  on February 10th, 2014

    Funny how it is the exact opposite of the duck face.

  2. jim  on February 23rd, 2014

    Japan, its history, culture, traditions and the lives of its people are as different as they are unique.
    However, what makes Japan so much more then just a chain of islands, is its diversity in its respect toward the natural world, as well as the metropolises that lines its shores and mountain plateaus.

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