Eat Curry. Win Money.


This seems like it’s right down my alley. Gold Curry is offering up some sweet curry challenges with it’s 2-kilogram “challenge” curry rice (priced at 1,980 yen or US$18.90) and eat it in fifteen minutes, it’s free. Then, there is the four-kilo curry rice challenge, which is 3,480 yen ($33). Finish it in thirty minutes, and it’s free.

But the big daddy of them all is the 10-kilogram curry rice challenge which will net you about $900 if you finish it in an hour. I’m sure you would pass out or explode before you even got close to finishing 22 pounds of rice. Kotako has more details as well as some delightful photos.

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  1. Shani  on January 28th, 2014

    Oh my!! At first I thought that would be easy for you…then it talked about 22lbs of rice….who can do this? Crazy!!

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