Otsuskaya – Fabric Store Review

So, earlier I wrote an article on some of the lovely Japanese fabrics I like. Now I shall tell you of my great fabric shopping adventure!! Hurray!

Otsukaya in Osaka

Ok, so I was maybe overselling it a bit. But then again, maybe not. Going to the fabric store was as much fun as the 100 yen store for me. I literally could spend hours there, and I don’t even sew! And I never go into a fabric store in Canada. It is just that there is so much cute stuff there, I couldn’t help myself.

A kind friend in Japan agreed to take me to some craftyish places. I mentioned a fabric store and so she took me to Otsukaya. I started off, just getting some of the sale items, and to be honest was feeling a little disappointed. I mean they were pretty and all but, I had hoped for more.



But then…..I found it!! The Kawaii Stuff.=) (It’ like the right stuff only righter.) That’s right, there were mushrooms…


And adorable sewing themed sewing fabrics! ( get it!?) ( Of course, this would likely have made more sense if I actually sewed, and yet….I got it anyway….I plan to learn to sew anyway….someday.)


And there were matryshka dolls, with Russian (I believe) writing! That’s another thing I like about the design in Japan, they use all the languages in their cute stuff: English, French, German…and as seen here, Russian.(I think.=)


I also like how much they use linen, or linen coloured fabric in their crafts – especially when they are imitating a French style. So I got some of that.


And finally, Trav wants a Japanese themed office (Quelle surprise!) So we got some fabric to make curtains or something. I think that wave design is one of my very favourites in traditional Japanese designs.


And as is so often the case, the little things just made it even more enjoyable. Look at the sweet wrapping and bags they used at the store. It just makes it so much more fun and special carrying it around in lovely wrapping like this.


I had a ball! Maybe you would too?

The Otsuskaya in Osaka: 13-38 Toyotsucho, Suita, Osaka Prefecture

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  1. Rosie Bandhoo  on February 22nd, 2015

    Dear Sir, Madam,

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    Thanking you in advance.
    I know that it existed in black, brown, blue, purple, cream, pink.

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    I’ve done so many researches , but in vain.

    Thank you so much for taking into consideration my request and question.
    Ever most grateful for your help.
    Have a great day.

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