Japanese Idiom: Turn Your Body into Powder

Photo Credit: CEBImagery.com.

Photo Credit: CEBImagery.com.

Here’s another fun Japanese idiom that doesn’t really have an English counterpart – to turn one’s body into powder.

Let’s see what it means!

karada o kona ni suru – 体を粉にする (からだをこなにする)

Meaning: Turn one’s body into powder

This idiom implies very hard work. Work so hard that it reduces your body into powder. Obviously I would know nothing about this kind of work :P

Here’s an example sentence from the book 2001 Japanese and English Idioms:

Kare wa karada o kona ni shite hataraite, jubun no ie o te ni iremashita.


He bought his own house by working his body into a powder.

So there you go! Please be very careful with any hard work you do in the future. In fact, it’s probably best to stay away from all types of work completely.

Be safe out there.

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