Free WiFi Hotspots in Tokyo

Photo by Davezilla on Flickr

Photo by Davezilla on Flickr

Finding WiFi spots in any major city can sometimes be a royal pain. I’ve spent much time wandering through Osaka and Tokyo looking for a place to connect. Well the good news is that it has got a little easier to find Internet access in Tokyo, at least in the major tourist areas. I just came across this new initiative by NTTEast for offering some free WiFi hotspots to visitors to Tokyo.

It looks like you can pick up a wifi package at several locations throughout the Narita airport.

The code will allow you 14 days of free WiFi access at any of the hotspots sprinkled throughout several of the major tourist areas of Tokyo.

Here’s an example of the Shinjuku spots:


Sounds like a great starting point for offering travellers easier access to Internet services. For more details and maps of what WiFi hotspot areas are available, please check out the NTTEast website. And thanks to Shift East for the original story :)

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