Quick Anime Review: Figure 17


I just took a look at our current poll results on “Why do you want to visit Japan?” and I noticed that “anime” is starting to pull away. While Stacey and I don’t watch a ton of anime we find it helpful with our Japanese and some of the shows are pretty fun. Currently in our anime play list is Figure 17. Here’s a quick review.

Figure 17

The Anime Network gives a much more detailed description on Figure 17 but in a nutshell it’s the story of a young girl in Hokkaido that fights aliens along with her “twin sister” that also happens to be some sort of alien or something. Very detailed description, I know :)

I can never really get the girls figured out. I’m sure there is a way to tell who is who by their hair style or something, but I’ve given up on trying.

When the girls join up they transform into the battle armor Figure 17 which is in the format of a pale blond woman in spandex. So pretty much your typical anime battle armor.


We’ve only watched a few episodes so far but each one seems to conclude with the girls needing to destroy some alien worm-like creature that likes to go crazy in the Hokkaido country side. I’m thinking as the show progresses that someone is going to start wondering what the heck is happening up in Hokkaido.

When the girls are not fighting giant eyed wormy creatures they’re living their rather normal lives and working through common adolescent issues around family and friends. These parts move in a sometimes painfully slow process and makes me wonder if Figure 17 is more of a mashup with the alien parts thrown in to try and appeal to a young male audience. The slow pacing of the daily activities of the girls can actually be enjoyable from a cultural standpoint and the attention to detail the artists use to portray life in Hokkaido is informative as much as it is relaxing.

Overall Figure 17 is paced a bit slow for my taste but I still find the glimpse it gives into life in Hokkaido to be interesting enough to try a few more episodes.

Let us know what you think about the show in your comments :)

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