Even More Funny Japanese Commercials

Photo by Sprengben on Flickr

Photo by Sprengben on Flickr

In honour of the Superbowl (and it’s disappointing showing of funny commercials) I’ve decided to do another round of funny Japanese commercials. I hope you enjoy them :)

I’m scared. Please put those plates away puppy.

So that’s what happens when you shake the can too long.

This is how Stacey feels every time there is work to be done around the house.

Mmm it’s that Milk Seafood flavour we all love. I can recognize the cheese dude, put what is that brown guy throwing in the ramen?

The Japanese have the best milk commercials. This is known.

And here he is again…the dog you all love!

Man I think this one is my favorite.


Now that’s the way to win.

2 Responses to “Even More Funny Japanese Commercials”

  1. sasksak  on February 11th, 2013

    i think the office one is my favourite one now.=)

  2. Kim  on February 19th, 2013

    The dog commercials are just plain weird, I think the red eye would scare kids!

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