My Re-ment Collection- Part 3


Well, it has been quite awhile since I have put up a post, but finally I have got around to it. We had a bunch of travel and construction going on, and only now are things starting to get back to normal. And as they did, I started thinking it was really time for me to put my Re-ment back up. (I had put it away for the construction.)And I was thinking how nice to share it with others who enjoy cute things from Japan =)

This set is from the “Food Display” series. It is the 8th one out of 10. I received this from my Japanese teacher at the time, who kindly agreed to buy some Re-ment for me on her visit back home. There is nothing quite as fun as getting a package in the mail, unless that package includes boxes of Re-ment that you get to enjoy opening and discovering which set you got.

This set in entitled: Kitchen Grill Shop. It’s based on the Japanese practice of putting plastic copies of the food that is served outside the restaurant for potential customers to peruse. The plastic food is pretty cute as it is, but miniaturize it and you know I’ll love it!

Japanese plastic food display

Japanese plastic food display by Chaymation

The set supplies three examples of the grilled food served in a tiny restaurant. The first is a plate of roast chicken. Although that looks more like a turkey leg to me =) And only 900 yen. I love the details Re-ment includes – like the card identifying the item and its price. So fun!

Re-ment chicken

The next dish is a shrimp set for 850 yen. Looks like you get the tartar sauce included, and isn’t the piece of lettuce and tomato adorable!?!

The third dish on display is an assorted sausage fry, or fly as Google translates it =) I am rather surprised by how much sausages are in the Japanese culture, it is one of the few Western foods that they have incorporated into their menus.

Re-ment sausage

There are so many fun aspects of Re-ment. First of all of course, mini things! Can’t go wrong with mini things =) Second, it’s from another culture which makes it so much more exotic and interesting. Third, like kinder eggs…it’s the surprise! You never know which set you will get in the series, so opening it is always an adventure. Fourth, the detail Re-ment puts into it. Every little thing is considered, even grill marks on a fish or the tiny bottle of soy sauce. I also like how the booklet that explains the item and describes how to put it together, also becomes the table cloth to display it on by turning it over =)

This set is kind of special for me. The price cards were one of the first things I could read in Japanese by myself. I was just looking at one of them and suddenly realized I knew the kana bits of the descriptions!! It was like suddenly learning a secret code. And it encouraged me that if you work at it, you will eventually understand all the secret characters next to the kana too. Of course, that’s going a bit slower than planned, but at the time it was a great motivator =) Re-ment: so cute and educational!! =)

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2 Responses to “My Re-ment Collection- Part 3”

  1. Philippa  on August 1st, 2016

    mmmm. I think this is where I’d go shopping gaga if I were ever so lucky to go to Japan. Rement just like this! At least it wouldn’t take up too much room :)

  2. Stacey  on August 1st, 2016

    You are right Philippa! It’s size makes it the perfect vacation purchase! Yet another reason to love rement!

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