Gangnam Style Not Impressing the Japanese

Gangnam Style

With the way the Japanese go crazy over most things coming out of Korea, it seemed like a no-brainer that Japanese would get a kick out of Psy’s Gangnam Style. Strangely enough the collective *yawn* from the Japanese is resounding.

Why No Love for the Gangnam

After reading articles like Why hasn’t Japan saddled-up to Gangnam Style? you start to get a feel for what’s really going on. It appears Psy is just too goofy and not good looking enough to capture the interest of the Japanese.

The look which has made Psy so popular in the West – slightly chubby and very ridiculous – is far from what Japan is accustomed to when they think of Korean Idols. Time describes Japan’s ideal K-Pop star as “young, svelte and extremely attractive”.
Asian Correspondent

While some may blame it on political tension between Japan and South Korea, I think the fact that Psy doesn’t fit the stereotype holds up better. There was even talk that he was going to make a Japanese adaptation of the song called Roppongi Style, but it never took off because of the apparent lack of interest from the Japanese.

Others confirm the theory that PSY just doesn’t meet Japan’s beauty standards, writing: “Watching an ugly middle-aged man desperately wave his hips around is sad,” and, “I’m glad he’s not coming to Japan. I’d get sick from seeing that on TV.” – Rocket News 24

Gangman Style

So sorry Psy, I guess Japan just doesn’t get the joke :)

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