Seafood Restaurants In Japan You Should Not Miss

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Japan is known as the place to get the best selection of fresh and delicious seafood. For those who call Japan home to those who are just visiting, it is great to know of a restaurant or two that serves amazing seafood. If you have been looking for a great seafood restaurant in Japan, here is a list of seven seafood restaurants in Japan that you must try.

  1. Kani Doraku Honten. If you want to try some of the best crab based dishes in Japan, you must stop in at Kani Doraku Honten. Kani Doraku Honten provides an amazing selection of dishes catered to those who love crab.
  2. Aji-no-ichiba. Aji-no-ichiba is a seafood restaurant in Japan that cooks up a variety of seafood based dishes. Aji-no-ichiba is known for its amazing sea urchin. It is also known for its super fresh fish that comes directly from fishing boats.
  3. Dogo Bakushukan. Dogo Bakushukan is a great seafood restaurant if you are the type who enjoys a tasty beer with your meal. Dogo Bakushukan is not only known for its range of seafood dishes, but it is also known for making an award winning beer known as korushu.
  4. Minshuku. For a fresh seafood experience like no other, you must visit Minshuku. The owner and cook is also a fisherman who catches the fish he cooks into tasty seafood meals. Its location on the water also gives Minushuku an enjoyable setting to enjoy a delicious meal of fresh seafood.
  5. Zuboraya. Zuboraya is the seafood restaurant for those who want to experience a truly unique way to eat fish. Zuboraya is known for cooking pufferfish, or fugu, which is a type of fish that is tasty, yet dangerous. If fugu is not cooked properly, it can poison the person eating it. Zuboraya specializes in cooking fugu in a way that is safe and unlike any other seafood eating experience in Japan.
  6. Akaoni. If you are want to enjoy what is arguably the best sake in Japan while eating delectable seafood, you must stop in and enjoy a meal at Akaoni. Akaoni not only has a large menu of seafood dishes, but it offer the choice of over 100 different types of sake.
  7. AEN. AEN is a Japanese seafood restaurant that specializes in cooking healthy meals that are full of authentic Japanese flair. They offer a tantalizing selection of interesting vegetables, and some of their fish includes sea urchin, sea bream and oysters. AEN also offers a selection of organic beers and wines.

This is only a very small list of some of the can’t miss seafood restaurants in Japan that anyone who loves seafood must visit. Many of Japan’s tasty seafood restaurants have the freshest fish and provide a Japanese ambiance that will give any meal a truly unique feel. From the healthy selection of foods provided at AEN to the Akaoni’s selection of 100 different sakes, any of the above listed seafood restaurants in Japan are places you can’t miss.

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