Resources for Finding a Tour Guide in Japan

Japanese tour guides

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It can definitely be exciting to take an international trip. That’s because there’s nothing like experiencing a different culture—the people, the customs and the food. However, you can end up missing out on some of the best that a particular country or city has to offer if you decide to tour the city on your own. Just think about where you live. Aren’t there quaint little restaurants or boutiques that you’ve discovered only by living in that place for a certain amount of time?

If you’re in the midst of planning a trip overseas and Japan is the destination where you’re headed, as you’re writing down your list of “must haves”, make sure to put “tour guide” at the very top of it. They are professionals who will be able to effortlessly show you the best that Japan has to offer, which will make your trip just that much more memorable.

So, how do you go about finding the right kind of tour guide? We have enclosed five resources below: One website that is “all things Japan” is JapanTravelInfo. There’s a section for food, entertainment, art and pop culture. Plus, there is a section that is devoted to helping you plan your trip, including touring package specials that are available. If your trip is already planned out and the only thing that you are lacking is a tour guide, you can put “tour guides” in their search engine and it will take you to a page loaded with leads on that topic. PrivateGuide is a website that is extremely user-friendly when it comes to not just finding a tour guide for a specific country or city, but also one who speaks a certain kind of language. For instance, if you are going to Tokyo and your native language is Spanish, just put in “Tokyo” on the first line under “Guides” and “Spanish” on the second. After your click “Find Guides”, you will be led to people’s pictures, a brief bio, where they live and how much they will charge per tour. Another website that gets a lot of “tour traffic” is HiEverywhere. A big part of the reason is because it actually connects travelers to volunteer tour guides; so yes, this means that you can use them for free. Basically, you go onto the website to post your travel plans (make sure to include the dates). Then you wait for a volunteer guide in that area to let you know of their availability. Then you can schedule a time to meet and write a travel journal that will be loaded up onto the site. You do have to register for this site; the good news is that it’s free to do so.

Japan tour guide

Photo by jessleecuizon on Flickr Whether you’re looking for a tour guide to provide you with the best Italy tours, South African tours or Japan tours, make sure to do a bit of research on Viator before making your final tour guide selection. This is also a “member-only access site” and so you must register to use their services. The good thing about them, though, is that they only feature people who have a professional tour guide license or tour guide certificate. When it comes to this website, what the letters “JNTO” stand for, basically says it all. It stands for the Japanese National Tourism Organization and once you select your language of choice, it takes you to a page that is loaded with information on locations and attractions. It even provides you with a virtual tour to certain places, plus there’s a movie channel to give you in-depth info on the country (and its feature cities) before you’re arrival. If you’re looking for a tour guide as well as some specific places that you would like them to take you before even stepping foot onto Japanese soil, this website can help you to just that in a matter of moments.

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