Recommended Clothing to Pack for a Trip to Japan


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Although you might suppose that Japan is a relatively small island nation, the weather varies widely from place to place and season to season. So before you pack for any trip you should look at the climate particular to the regions you’ll visit during the time of year you’re planning to travel, as well as check the weather forecast in order to make sure that the majority of your clothing will be appropriate for the temperatures and other weather concerns.

That said, there are a few items of clothing that will no doubt come in handy regardless of the time of year you choose to visit Japan. Here are just a few garments you’ll want to pack:


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This could be the most travel-friendly item of clothing you ever own, and considering how long your flight is likely to be, you’ll definitely want one of the jackets or vests made by this unique clothing brand. The reason is that Scottevest has created a line of garments that are tech-friendly. They might not come with solar panels to charge your gadgets on the go, but they do include myriad pockets made to fit your smartphone, tablet, and even laptop. And the pockets have been created not only to protect your electronic devices when you travel, but some have clear, plastic windows that will allow you to access touchpads without removing devices from your pockets, as well as holes for you to slip a cord through so you can plug in your ear buds. Best of all, you can just take it off and run it through the scanner at the airport rather than digging through a bag to remove every device.

Maxi dress

woman in maxi dress

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When you’re trying to pack light you can’t go wrong with multi-functional clothing. For the ladies, a jersey-knit maxi dress is a must. It takes up little room in your luggage and easily shakes out to remove wrinkles, it can definitely transition from day to night with the addition of some jewelry and a finishing piece, and it will work well in warm or cool weather depending what you pair it with. Plus, for those days of vacay when you don’t feel like shaving or putting on sunblock, it will cover bare legs.

Zip-off pants

zip off pants

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Think of this like a maxi dress for guys in that it embodies the multi-use spirit. This garment can go with you anywhere and provide for different temperatures throughout the day. If you head out for sightseeing in the cool morning hours and you want a pair of pants, all you have to do is zip off the legs once the day begins to warm. Most pairs come with cargo pockets for utility, so you can roll your pant legs and store them with your phone and wallet until you need them again.

UV protective shirt

UV shirt

Even hazy, cloudy, or cool days can have sun, and if you aren’t careful you’ll end up with a burn. Luckily, there are clothing companies that create lightweight, UV protective apparel so that you have at least some level of sunscreen.

Walking shoes

walking shoes

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Finding clothing on sale before your trip is all well and good, but it doesn’t matter how many great tops and bottoms you take; if you neglect to bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes you could find yourself wearing your finery in a hotel room while you nurse your blistered tootsies.

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